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Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
The Music Never Stopped
It Must Have Been The Roses
Eyes Of The World
Stronger Than Dirt

Set 2:
Around And Around
Big River
Crazy Fingers
The Other One
Sage And Spirit
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
U.S. Blues

Blues For Allah

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This show was the first bootleg I ever owned and it is by far my favorite of all the shows I have. It's a nice mix of tunes and the sets flow very well. I highly, highly recommend this show! Unfortunately, a few years ago, I lost the second set and I have been unable to find anyone who has this show. If there is a really kind soul out there who would want to send me the second set (I'll trade), I would be very grateful. Thanks!

Not to be a bitch or anything, but you can BUY this show. It's the first of the vault series that was released several years ago. I know its cool that the dead allow free trading of their shows, but lets help them out by purchasing one of their official live albums from time to time.

these '75 shows that marked the return of Mickey began the custom of a loud single musical 'send off' to end a song, unlike '71-'74 when Billy would roll the drums for a second to end a song

mickey helped bring back the 'rolling thunder' sound.

very clean sound from the few 75 shows. I think this might have been the first Help-->Slip-->Franklin's

the dead were at their most exploratory without mickey. i know, i know, it's blaspehmy, but think about 72-74. have you ever heard a drummer beat the crap out of the set like billy did? he danced. the lines were delicate where they had to be and rocked when the needed to. billy has always been the back bone of the rhythm section for the dead. don't kid yourself. mickey is great and he adds a huge amount of energy to the band, but with two drummers, they had to calm down. there is a really interesting article posted with the 10-18-74 show on gdlive regarding this issue. i highly recommend the read. i am by no means dissing mickey, because the dead would not be the dead without what he brings to the band. i'm simply stating that the boys were at their most exploratory shortly after mickey left and until they had their brief stint with retirement in for a couple of months at the close of 74.

Officially released on CD as "One From The Vault."

Crazy Fingers-I know understand where some of Trey Anastasio's playing style comes from after hearing this version.

-Perrinswolf (05/02/2007)

I agree thats its a crsip sound, although its only the first or second help-slipknot i think its one of the better recordings
-Anonymous (09/18/2007)

Its funny to hear mean old uncle bill's new yawk accent introduce the band some of it sounds stiff but king solomn and eyes of the world has some jaw dropp'm moments keith playin the fender rhodes electric piano
-Stagger lee (06/30/2009)

first music never stopped!
-Anonymous (08/12/2010)

first of 2 sage and spirits.
-Anonymous (06/23/2011)

Perrinswolf, thank you, no one else ever understands me when i say that. There is also the outro from most of the Good Lovin' jams is almost exactly the melodic line of Possum. Listen to the Good Lovin from 4/24/72, around minute 6 on, jerry busts out some licks that are note-for-note Possum. This show is also my favorite version of Music Never Stopped. Can't explain why, but every time someone blasts it, i can't help but smile.
-Anonymous (06/22/2012)

I love the band intro, very fun and rare since Bill would die tragically years later
-Anonymous (08/14/2013)

Happy 40 Year Anniversary!
-M C (08/13/2015)

After listening to the One From The Vault for the first time in awhile, sounds like Around & Around ends first set not the start of the 2nd. Bobby states they are taking a break after Around.
-rmd (10/11/2015)

The anonymous comment about the reunion with Mickey Hart is right on. The '71-'74 shows, one drummer, Keith, Donna was the Dead glory period. Though they got through 76-78 with some fine work, nothing compares to the one drummer era. Too bad Hart rejoined the scene. And after Keith and Donna left, well, it was a shell of what they were. The shows after 1984 all through 1995 are just abysmal.
- (05/26/2016)

Mike is an idiot
-Jeff (08/13/2016)

One From The Vault

Disc 1

Introduction 0:46
Help On The Way/Slipknot! 7:52
Franklin's Tower 6:58
The Music Never Stopped 5:29
It Must Have Been the Roses 5:05
Eyes of the World/Drums 14:32
King Solomon's Marbles 6:36
Around and Around 5:59

Disc 2

Sugaree 7:56
Big River 4:50
Crazy Fingers/Drums 13:08
The Other One 5:33
Sage and Spirit 3:24
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad 7:13
U.S. Blues 5:29
Blues for Allah 21:01

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

Much can be said about this tremendous show, I'll keep this comment to a snapshot of one of my favorite moments in GD history. Jerry's solo after the second chorus is perfect (around the 4:55 mark), full of surprising dynamics, dexterity, hitting each of the chord changes fluidly, shifting rhythmic phrasing as the band responds to his playing. Extraordinary musicianship from Jerry and the finest band in the land.
-Ed (08/13/2019)

Also my first GD bootleg, or GD anything...I had a 1st gen SB cassette tape thanks to my taper friend and would crank Franklin's Tower in my Toyota Corolla and sing "Roll away the doob" lol it's what I thought they were saying at first. Jeff, agreed. Keith and Donna Jean were in no way the "meat" of the Dead (I personally couldn't stand DJ's singing) and the 80s shows were some of the best. Mike IS an idiot.
- (07/01/2020)

Thank you to original Anonymous comment and then Mike who agrees that Mickey was unnecessary at best. I've always thought it weird how no one wants to say it out loud. I will. The dude sucks. He just sucks. I love how straightforward you put it, Mike: "...nothing compares to the one drummer era. Too bad Hart rejoined the scene." So true!!! Mickey was and is a bad drummer and, I think, a bad actor to boot. Yes, he's not a good person, the stories are everywhere and have been. Talk to Joan Baez. He sucked off the teat of Jerry's brilliance not only without contributing but actively obstructing, often downright ruining things. I always felt that hunter wrote He's Gone about both his dad AND him. Hunter knew Hart sucked and I've heard that he didn't even like him personally, in spite of giving him lyrics (but just listen to F.O.T.M.- "it takes all you got just to stay on the beat"? LOL! Hart didn't even get that! Bottom line is the dude is an interloper, claiming closeness to the core, but we all know that Jerry befriended everyone... Phil's the only one who's ever seemed to acknowledge Hart's uselessness which caused vindictive Hart to talk shit about Phil. As if any head ever would side with Mickey Hart over Mr. Lesh. Damn, even Bobby didn't give a shit that Hart wasn't in Furthur, the only post-Jerry incarnation worth a damn. Bottom line: reunite the Core 3, dismiss poo-poo boy Mayer and let's have some more music before it's too late. Ugh.
-Momma Calling (11/21/2020)

hey momma, call and calm the fuck down!

yes, when mickey came back, that's when things started to tumble. plus, you know, all the heroin and this and that. but his stuff in 67-71 is lethal, it's one of the most striking features of primal dead. they really were the rhythm devils, folks! he still shines in this show, and in 76-78. unfortunately, even during those times songs were irreparably changed because of his input. less swing, less jazz. also, keith pulled back to give the two rhythms the front spot. i'll concur with mike, when keith and donna left that was it! not to say that there aren't good shows with brent.
-deirdre (11/01/2021)

I agree that a lot of songs did suffer with the reintroduction of Mr Hart, the obvious negatives being: less swing, more slow, prodding and simple rhythms, less delicacy, less dynamics, and less attention to detail, (letís face it, Eyes Of The World was never the same)Ö however, it does bear acknowledging that Hartís arrival in 1967 would help set the dead on the intense journey that is late 67 to early 71.. Itís my understanding that Hart was more of a percussionist in those years, yeah there were some double drums.. but a lot of those jams contain very beautiful and spacey percussion playing on Hartís part (those January 70 Dark Stars with the ambient sections are beautiful.. Hartís finesse on the gong and chimes is just sublime and extremely psychedelic. For some reason the reunion Dead seemed to consist of just 2 full drum kits for the most part, and a little bit of Mickey ďhaving too much funĒ imo, not to mention the glaring off time rhythm mistakes that you would NEVER get from the impeccable Billy K. With that said, most can agree that 77 is an absolute monster of a year. It is perhaps the most ďmasculineĒ sounding year, itís extremely confident and powerful, and a big part of that is the 2x drum orchestra that is Billy and Mickey. This is coming from someone who thinks 1 drummer dead is peak dead.. but letís be real here, Terrapin Station would never have reached the heights it did without Mickey.
-Dork (09/18/2022)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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