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Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step
Me And My Uncle
Friend Of The Devil
Beat It On Down The Line
It Must Have Been The Roses
El Paso
Loose Lucy
Black Throated Wind
Scarlet Begonias
To Lay Me Down
Mama Tried
Eyes Of The World
China Doll
Big River

Set 2:
Uncle John's Band
Big Railroad Blues
The Race Is On
Tomorrow Is Forever
Mexicali Blues
Dire Wolf
Sugar Magnolia
He's Gone
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) Jam
Black Peter
Sunshine Daydream

One More Saturday Night
U.S. Blues

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possibly the best Eves ever! One of the few shows where the first set is better than the 2nd!

typo. That's "Eyes" not "Eves" :)

i agree with michael, the 'eyes' is: almost 30mins, and with awesome soloing by God. no wonder it was selected for the box set 'so many roads'

although the eyes from this show is incredible, 2-23-74 is better. yes, the jam at the end of this eyes moves one notch beyond that of 2-23, but the 2-23 is so incredibly tight and focused with soloing that is nearly flawless. check it out!

Easily the best Dead show I ever attended, particularly from a pure party standpoint. Helped, no doubt, by the cups of acid-laced water that was passed around. The first set was stella and included an "Eyes of the World" for the ages, which was made even more festive by people snake-dancing through the crowd.

This whole run of shows was filmed for the Grateful Dead movie, and the during some of the high points of the show, the lights were turned up, the crystal ball on the ceiling was lit, and a large boom with a camera man on it whirled around filming the crowd. It was a friggin' circus.

In the second set, following "He Gone", the Dead went into the intro for Trucking, but didn't actually get to the song for over 20-minutes, leading many stoned-out freaks to ask the question, "Didn't they do this already?"

With this being the last show before the hiatus, and no one sure if the Dead were breaking up, "Tomorrow is Forever" seemed to have a particularly poingnant meaning that night.

All-in-all a spectacular evening, and one that for a long time afterwards was referred to simply as, "That Saturday night."

note - this was not the last show before the hiatus. 10.20.74 was
just a little fyi

A solid 'Eyes', IMO a better 'Eyes' is from 8-6-74. This show also produces one of the better stand alone 'Scarlets'. Of course the entire show smokes like most did during this period.

Officially released on DVD as "Grateful Dead Movie."

I think Pigpen's ghost came down and took over for the Caution Jam! They sounded like an old school tent revival!

was anyone actually in the movie that went to this show ??

Mama Tried-Last played on 7.30.71

-Perrinswolf (04/04/2007)

last "black throated wind" until 1990 when it got a new look and slightly quicker tempo.
-gdjake (02/29/2008)

last eyes > china doll
-80s head (09/23/2013)

Someone please tell me why they stopped playing black-throated wind for 16 years I always thought it was one of Bobs better more beautiful songs.
-Anonymous (04/12/2014)

Last fast friend of the devil
- (08/18/2016)

People always talk about 77 being the best....Tons of smoking shows but give me a 74 any day
-rrw580 (11/09/2016)

Yes I'm with rrw580. 74 > 77.
-Dave Fadoul (03/17/2017)

Only show with a Me and My Uncle, Mama Tried, and Mexicali Blues. Awesome show!
-WillieParkJr. (08/24/2017)

Last Tomorrow is Forever,,I was there,, to bad it wasn't retired in 72 since it was followed by another Mexi that wasn't
- (12/08/2017)

The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack

Disc 1

One More Saturday Night 5:14
Eyes of the World 13:02
China Doll 6:18

Disc 2

Scarlet Begonias 13:56

Disc 4

Uncle John's Band 9:18
Big Railroad Blues 4:48
Tomorrow Is Forever 6:30
Sugar Magnolia 5:27
He's Gone 13:48
Caution Jam 4:30
Drums 1:24
Space 9:17
Truckin' 9:49
Black Peter 10:07
Sunshine Daydream 3:17

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

Adding to WillieParkJr comment - only show with all four partner songs (including Big River) and none are paired up!
- (05/15/2020)

This was a terrific show. One of the best versions of Uncle John's Band.
- (06/24/2021)

I've said it before on another'74 show but it bears repeating. They really had Scarlet Begonias dialed in in '74. It was perfect. And then Donna comes in with the caterwauling after the Heart of Gold Band verse and to borrow a phrase from a different Hunter/Garcia song, it's like taking a spray can to the Mona Lisa and calling it "Art." What it really is is defacing a Masterpiece.
-Anonymous (06/21/2022)

^^ Don't hate!!
-hedge (04/17/2023)

This Eyes appears on the Grateful Dead Movie soundtrack and clocks in at 13.02 minutes, but is also appears as track one on CD 3 on So Many Roads, but runs for 18.32. Has the Soundtrack version been edited? One of my absolute favourite versions anyway
- (02/22/2024)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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