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Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Around And Around
Mexicali Blues
Beat It On Down The Line
Brown-Eyed Women
Cumberland Blues
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
Row Jimmy
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Dark Star
Dark Star
Morning Dew

Set 3:
Promised Land
Greatest Story Ever Told
Ship Of Fools
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
One More Saturday Night

U.S. Blues

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This is my favorite show of all time.
I was very lucky to attend. My hope is that you like this show too.
As a practical measure, playing this music while hitting on a nitrous tank stimulates hallucination.


Last full Weather Report Suite, can anyone tell me why they stopped playing the full version?

The show is well played from beginning to end, the highlight for me is the 'Morning Dew'. Just simply hypnotic.

Officially released on DVD as "Grateful Dead Movie."

this was a great run of shows legendary for sure
I would have loved to been at these shows the movie is great and the people are truly great heads and they did not know how lucky they were at the time

So long ago. As I recall the dead actually started early that night night. and the second set was unbelievable, I'm glad I found this site. The sad part was they breaking up with an uncertain future. Jerry was skinny and the energy was unreal.


Does anyone know if Link Wray was the opening act that night?

the Dark Star from this show is on the 2nd DVD of the Grateful Dead movie. Has one of the most jawdropping moments of sheer beauty and elegance I've ever heard in a Dark Star...Bill gently tapping the hi-hat, Phil and Keith playing interlocking bass riffs and Jerry floating above. Recommended.
- (04/17/2007)

I am lucky to have downloaded this show before it was taken away .I love this show my fav of all time. there playing was right on, tight and to point, deadly ,amazing. to those who went to this show we salute you .
- (06/02/2007)

i watched dark star on youtube and then started streaming the whole show listening to it for the very first time...incredible show... very groovy bertha, incredible nfa the drums and phils bass seem to be one in perfect tune, a very happy going down the road. take the morning off, smoke some kind, sit back, be transported to never never land...simply put: a great show
- (10/30/2007)

Who is the gentleman playing the rhoads keyboard at this show? If you watch the movie, he and Keith are both playing keyboards during morning dew.
- (11/15/2008)

alexi- that guy is Ned Lagin, who would come out to play seastones with phil. You can't really hear him, though
-werd (06/30/2009)

Yes that's Ned Lagin and he can also be seen working a couple synth keyboards during Dark Star but he seems to have been buried in the mix. The Dead seem to have a history of turning unwanted keyboarders way down in the mix (Pigpen when he was drunk, T.C. was usually kept low for some reason). Ned could have been doing some really cool stuff to Dark Star too! He did great on Unbroken Chain, a song the DEFINATLY should have played in '74. I can't believe they never put that song into rotation! I try to imagine what it would have been like live when I listen to Mars Hotel. They pulled it out in '95 but...yuck...
-Andrew (09/03/2009)

When commenters state a show like this is "the best Dead show ever" I believe it, especially with the mind shattering Morning Dew, but I'm always a little skeptical when other commenters exclaim a show from 94 or 95 is "the best Dead show ever" based solely on the music ...
- (01/22/2011)

Any show with a beer barrel polka is okay by me.
-80s head (01/23/2013)

What can be said when it's the Dead? Epic. USB was the perfect coda for this run at W'land. The final leg, as it was then thought, of the golden road to unlimited devotion. We in the now cannot live in the then, but we can visit...often. Peace, pals.
-DobbsBaby (02/05/2013)

Some say this was the most psychedelic of the nights. For me it was, and for a lot of other folks too. I was only at this show and 10/19 of this run, and Saturday I recall as having a bluesier feel to it. All I know is, the Dark Star and Morning Dew were and are amazing, which I experienced on the floor about 30 feet from the stage. After all these years, I finally downloaded this show and listening to it recently. One of my favorite shows. I was at the closing of Winterland too, and of course that was a special evening...
- (04/09/2013)

Does anyone have this show to trade? A friend of mine sent it to me and I'm grateful to him but it's all one big track. I would like very much to have the concert with separate tracks.
- (09/30/2014)

I had seen the 16th and 17th shows but trips were not to be found. Outside on the 18th I paid a buck for a fresh hit. I was their guinea pig. Inside in the balcony the first set felt disjointed but it was just the "colors" getting ingested feeling. Then Phil and Ned came out for "Seastones". It sounded/felt like they were getting my being in tune with the universe/music/everything. Then that evolved into a Space with the guitars joining in. That space turned into a cosmic Dark Star. I managed to put the drums into one foot and bass into the other. Then the guitars went into each arm. Then my ears, eyes, and soul were taken on the journey. I ended up holding my breath for long stretches to not distract from the music. Then a DS> Morning Dew for eternity. By the time they came out for the 45 minute last set it was a blurred afterthought. I left hearing/singing the US Blues forever since. Outside I ran into the people who dosed me but I couldn't really tell them how excellent it was. I think they guessed they got it right.
- (06/11/2016)

I was at all of these shows. This Morning Dew felt like the prelude to a world without the Dead, as it was purported to become. Very introspective. Thank goodness they were only off the road for a couple of years!
- (05/18/2019)

The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack

Disc 1

U.S. Blues 5:41

Disc 3

Weather Report Suite 16:40
Jam 8:55
Dark Star 24:10
Morning Dew 13:55
Not Fade Away 8:35
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad 7:34

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

There is nothing like a show from '74.& this one is tops

-Ray (01/28/2020)

Promised Land
Greatest Story Ever Told

12/12 times this great trifecta was played

what a show!
- (08/25/2021)

Why did they stop playing the full Weather report suite after this show? It's was such a great thing. You just can't beat a WRS

WRS prelude
WRS part 1
Let it grow
- (11/09/2021)

Bob hated Part 1
-Anonymous (01/10/2022)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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