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Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Around And Around
Dire Wolf
Me And Bobby McGee
Mexicali Blues
Here Comes Sunshine
Beat It On Down The Line
Ship Of Fools
Jack Straw
Promised Land
Greatest Story Ever Told

Set 2:
Row Jimmy
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let It Grow
Stella Blue
Big River
Ramble On Rose
Me And My Uncle
He's Gone
The Other One
Eyes Of The World
One More Saturday Night

Casey Jones
Johnny B. Goode
And We Bid You Goodnight

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WOW, First "The American Book of the Dead" recomends this eye's so I jummped on it. But not only the eye's is awesome, my favorite is when they drop down to Dm and Phil does those bombs which is something they sort of stopped doing after the break. Tangent, anyways, the Other One is awesome, they really break it down so hold your ears it is amazing. And the first set isn't that bad either

The most awesome EOTW I have ever heard.. just drips with pure dead trippiness...

i am in complete agreement. this is one of if not the best eyes ever. it's not trippy, just focused and good ol' jer's soloing is flawless! not a single bad note. the first time i heard this show it blew me away. this eyes is definately a desert islander!

incredible show...and yes the "eyes of the world" is truly one for the ages!!

Fantastic show from the first note to the last. 'BIODTL' is one of many highlights, 'Here Comes Sunshine' is one of my favorite versions; 'WRS Suite'and Truckin smokes. The entire show, like many other '74' shows, is firing on all cylinders. Keith's piano and Donna's vocals are wonderful. Get the show at all costs!... Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the year is 1974 and they played 'Eyes of the world'! I think you get the picture.

Greatest - Donna sounds as if she is having a baby on this version.

I enjoyed Bobby's guitar in Let It Grow and He's Gone. Great fills.
-Brian Merrilyn

"Official" .mp3 of He's Gone through Eyes is available for free download on

amazing here comes sunshine...not played again for 18 years i wonder why fucking kick ass song one of my favs
-smile_smile_smile (05/14/2007)

Free download at Rapidshare. Crispy soundboard...Enjoy.

Just what you needed...
-Krafty (12/02/2009)

The band is really locked in throughout. The Promised -Bertha-Greatest 1st set closer is a blast. Strong, inventive playing in the 2nd set by all band members and the Eyes is to die for. One of my favorite versions. Great sounding board. A must have.
-Doug (11/12/2010)

There's some great stage banter amongst the guys between Sugaree & Mexicali:

Phil: Maybe it'd be a good idea to save all these marshmallows for the hungry people that are in the audience next to you.
Bob: One other thing, it's really a drag stepping on roses. It's really a drag looking down and seeing that you just crushed a lovely rose, so you oughta save the roses that you're gonna throw up here for later in the show where they stand a better chance of survival.
Jerry: Fuck the roses, save yourselves!
Phil: If you can...
-Lightnin' (08/01/2013)

A comment, presumably negative, such as Perrin's could only have arisen from a special animus toward Mrs. Godchaux.

As a matter of plain fact, Donna's contributions here on GSeT are brief and slight, but nevertheless *elevate* this version rather than detracting from it, as is implied.

If based on what's heard, rather than what's preconceived, the only conclusion available is that Perrin would have detested Janis Joplin. His loss.
-Stepchild (04/14/2014)

Slipknot in Other One not long before Eyes... killer show.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (02/03/2015)

I honestly do not understand why Donna was allowed on stage. She is awful.
-Donna Hater (05/01/2016)

You are the devil Donna Hater! Donna is gods gift to man!
-Dave Fadoul (08/27/2016)

Bobby mc gee is insanely good . Jerry is killing it
-Jeff (02/23/2019)

show was at cow palace, daly city, not winterland...
- (03/01/2019)

re above. I am wrong, mis read date.
-jim (03/01/2019)

Terrific show. Awesome Stella Blue
-Anonymous (07/08/2020)

Promised Land
Greatest Story Ever Told

9/12 times this great trifecta was played
- (08/25/2021)

Chosen as Dave's Picks #42 with highlights of previous night comprising the bonus disc.
- (12/15/2021)

Love to here Uncle Bobo's introduction.
Just a killer show NFA 65-95!!!
-Chris (02/23/2022)

Just ordered mine. Love it when they release a show I don't have or needs a major upgrade
-Ray (04/19/2022)

Is any one that ordered this having trouble with the tracking number that Deadnet gives? Thier customer service stinks
-Older Head (05/03/2022)

.. Dave's Picks #42 --Great Choice.
iko iko
-Anonymous (05/03/2022)

Dave's Picks 42

Disc 1

Around and Around 5:17
Dire Wolf 4:41
Me and Bobby McGee 6:08
Sugaree 7:41
Mexicali Blues 3:44
Here Comes Sunshine 11:43
Beat It On Down the Line 3:55
Ship of Fools 6:05
Jack Straw 5:05
Deal 4:55
Promised Land 3:07
Bertha 6:04
Greatest Story Ever Told 5:29

Disc 2

Row Jimmy 9:36
Weather Report Suite 18:50
Stella Blue 9:05
Big River 5:10
Ramble On Rose 7:09
Me and My Uncle 3:44
Johnny B. Goode 4:16
And We Bid You Goodnight 3:23

Disc 3

He's Gone 14:18
Truckin' 8:09
Drums 3:29
The Other One 20:44
Eyes of the World 14:42
One More Saturday Night 5:38
Casey Jones 7:31

-Bookkeeper (05/04/2022)

Not a big Stella fan but this one is so Soulful. Amazing.
-fz (01/30/2024)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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