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Convention Center - Cleveland, OH

Set 1:
Mexicali Blues
Black Throated Wind
They Love Each Other
Beat It On Down The Line
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Greatest Story Ever Told
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Around And Around

Set 2:
Ramble On Rose
Me And My Uncle
Here Comes Sunshine
Big River
Dark Star
Eyes Of The World
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

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In set one Greatest story is followed by China-->Rider.

third longest darkstar ..and phat one at that

daaaaark staaaaaar...

What is the longest Dark Star?

I have a 30 min. Dark Star from 5-18-72

If I am not mistaken, the longest Dark Star was in between the 45-50 minute range, but I think there was even one that ran about 63 minutes. By the way, I think this November and December was one of the BEST Dead periods ever, no Donna, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cleveland Public Hall was the name of the venue, if anyone cares

This is in fact the longest Dark Star ever. 43 minutes.

Rotterdam 5/11/72 (clocking in at 48:38) is the longest Dark Star known besides Family Dog 8/28/69 ( ~64min )

dark star>eyes>stella is my favorite piece of grateful dead music, hands down.

This is the third longest darkstar on record, not the first (as someone has already noted).

by far one the best dead shows ever just amazing playing and why donna was away kieth could play, some saw jerry and kieth at the hotel after they were both laughing and haven a great old time. godchaux was a pretty shy guy to begin with never wanted the spotlight .

Might as well add to the chorus of compliments for Dark Star...Phil has his own slow solo which takes the song and feel into outerspace with a eerie tranistion into Stella. Sugar Magnolia is spectacularly rugged in the chords category. Mean dark show.

The Loser is to die for. This is rich, beautiful music. 73` was a special year for the dead; I argue to you even better than 77'. If I had to rate the top 3 years, I'd say 68/73, 75/76 (same era really,) and then 77. 95/85 (a decade apart but..>) would be the worst. I don't know anything other than 1) no doo(mooooannnn)na, and 2) very diverse sound. I love the set,too.
-greenfox (05/31/2007)

There is debate over the length of Dark Star. The debate is which is longest, some include Dark Star's with a jam, drum solo, or going into then back out of a song sandwiched between Dark Star. Others say the ones with no interuption of the Dark Star theme through out signifies total length played. I guess it rests on your opinion of the song, the Dead, and what they mean.

In my opinion, as humble as it is, Dark Star is flux of music that fades in and out of existence at periodic times and spaces of life. Therefore, the song itself is still being played, somewhere...

: )

- (06/24/2008)

Technically its called "Cleveland Public Auditorium" but who cares
-chris (11/08/2008)

This Dark Star is pretty stand out from the countless other Dark Stars I have listened to. The band really expirements with the chord changes and Keith is dialed in on his Fender Rhodes electric piano. There is something about 1973 that just blows me away. Sure '74 has some of the greatest jamming around, but '73 has a bit of a different, more exploratory fell to it. The December shows are all excellent! The "Wall" was coming into its final form and the Dead were doing lots of acid and play WAY out there. Bobby's rhythm work is spectacular throughout this whole year. He adds subtle little fills here and there that just creep into your head. Too bad the whole show is not up on the IA.
-Andrew (10/15/2009)

DS at Family Dog is a little over 20 min. What clocks in at over an hour (~80 min.) is the DS > Alligator > Drums > TOO > Caution > We Bid You Goodnight.
-MIke Nomad (05/09/2012)

Well if being around a while matters - first saw the boys in 1969 - the lineup from late '71 till keith's departure provided the perfect combination of energy, inspiration, insanity and musicianship. No doubt there were great shows before '69 and perhaps a few after the '70s, but somehow the "choreography" had changed. That decade saw the Band at its technically proficient, improvisationally elevating peak. If like myself one was privileged to have seen the band then - especially in intimate settings like the Fillmore, the Felt Forum, Manhattan Center, the Stanley Theater (sorry - never made it to the left coast) - or Friday night "sound check" at Watkins Glen, you know to what i refer. But thanks to the good people behind this god-send-of-a-site, everyone has access to the material - and the ethic - of the best American band any of us still erect on the planet will ever hear. Remember them, and live accordingly.
- Peace, pals
-ChickieSweet (12/01/2012)

Listening on Sirius XM right now, I agree that '73 was one of the top three years for the DEAD, because they kill it all year from theyre breakout shows in february to Uniondale in spring and fall along with historic nights at Kezar, RFK and Watkins then followed by the first nights at William and Mary and their epic west coast November tour, they rocked it. They took Europe '72 to the next level and it afterglowed a full 6 months later till the northwest spring tour of '74. The following night is also a doozy, as is the chance to see some of their incarnations and devotees almost 40 years later..
- (04/10/2013)

1973 - with Pigpen passing in March it may have lightened the emotional load. They probably knew he would die but when he did it was a relief on everyone. Pig wasn't suffering anymore and the band had a clear mindset and could move on. Maybe/maybe not , just my 2 cents. Dark Star !!!!
-Larry Bird Song (12/23/2014)

I was at this show, a great one. One of the earliest Wall of Sound shows and the sound was stunning, particularly the bass. BTW both comments are correct, the official name is Public Auditorium but everyone, even the period local concert listings, called it Public Hall.
- (07/05/2015)

Bonus Disc released with Road Trips Volume 4 Number 3 (Denver 73 Nov. 20/21) includes the following from this show:

Greatest Story Ever Told
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Dark Star
Eyes of the World
-For the Record (01/29/2017)

Road Trips Volume 4 Number 3

Bonus Disc

Greatest Story Ever Told 5:42
China Cat Sunflower 9:17
I Know You Rider 5:35
Dark Star 43:33
Eyes of the World 14:02

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

One of the finest Dark Star's of all time. I like it even better than 11/11... Do not miss!
-Anonymous (03/04/2020)

This Dark Star is an all timer. Super deep jazzy intro jam, lovely electric piano - one of Keith’s best dark stars. Phil takes over at a certain point and drops bombs. there is some incredible bass drones, feedback, and so much beautiful interplay in this lengthy version.
-Luke (09/26/2021)

Fall 73 and it goes without saying but all 73is fantastic. December 73 is 1 of my favorite months in Dead history. Not trying to hate but Donna free just the 5 boys and 1 drummer makes it a very jazzy time for the band. Huge HCS of course Dark Star killer Eyes and Stella all just ripping anyway enough said. NFA 65-95!!!
-Chris (12/06/2021)

Longest HCS ever played. So fine.
- (12/13/2022)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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