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Grand Prix Racecourse - Watkins Glen, NY

Set 1:
Beat It On Down The Line
Brown-Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Box Of Rain
Here Comes Sunshine
Looks Like Rain
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Playin' In The Band

Set 2:
Around And Around
Loose Lucy
Big River
He's Gone
Nobody's Jam
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Stella Blue
Eyes Of The World
Sugar Magnolia
Sing Me Back Home

Not Fade Away
Mountain Jam
Johnny B. Goode

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anyone see this?

I do believe I was there!!! 600,000 of us. It was real hot during the day. The boys started the show at 11:30am - was to be a noon start. The little memory I have of it: wasn't one of their better shows(Night before was better)but it could be the heat was the problem. It rained during The Band, cooled down, but the Band was real hot. Don't remember anything about the midnight - 3 jam. Any help on that?

I really dig 73 shows and this one is a gem of a show, but the Sunshine Daydream has to be the worst one I have heard. Bobby and Donna sound awful.

The Mtn Jam with the Dead and the Allmans is so awesome. I have a pretty good recording of it. Solid 25 minute on!

The Two Hour Dead sound check the night before kicked ass on the next days show!What a Trip! MB.

I remember the jam at the end very distinctly. They fisrt did a couple songs with Rick Danko from the band. He looked very, very drunk. Then I remember they did That's Allright Mama. I believe that Jaimoe from the Allmans played drums and Chuck Leavell and Dickey Betts. It was an excellent jam. All the bands played long, long sets. The Dead opened then the Band and it rained during their set so hard they had to stop playing so they didn't get electrocuted. The Allmans closed, then there was a jam session with members from all three bands.

The Jam called Nobody's Jam is actually a jam on a song called Nobody's Fault But Mine(Jam). A lot of the notation for songs gets shortened. Nobody's Jam is actually Nobody's Fault But mine Jam.

PITB is pretty sweet on this.
-Anonymous (03/11/2008)

Garth played an incredible organ solo when The Band came back on. A parachutist died during this show - he landed in some power lines. The thunder and lightning storm was INTENSE. I walked around during it and found some friends - in a crowd of 600,000 people. They had a big tent - so I stayed dry for awhile. The Grateful Dead set sounded great - but the night before was much better. Compared to other 73 shows the 7/28 show is average (still fun). The Band was great. The Allman's smoked that day. The jam after (the mountain jam for me) was great. fun day.
-Ziggy (05/03/2011)

This show is exceptionally good PRIMARILLY@ the end of the show.The SOUNDCHECK from the night(2 a.m. ACTUALLY is the time)the day before is what you want.Get this alone for the Mt.Jam.According to what I'VE been told from a source IN the Dead,Mt.Jam would've NEVER happened had Jerry and Greg listening to Donovan's"1st There Is A Mountain".The DEAD & ABB loved it so much they BOTH attempted it SEVERAL times ,although Deadbase has it listed as only twice,you can hear parts of it in lots of the Dead's intense"jamming" mostly in 70-74,Enjoy all 25 mins. of it!!
- (09/11/2011)

the friday night tune up was the best if you ever get a chance listen to the jam they go on and on jerry was awesome we had to park 5 miles from the place and walk lost all my food but save my weed and my mushrooms lol

- (02/13/2012)

The encore for this show is actually
A Change Is Gonna Come
Raining In My Heart
Five Long Years
Da Di De Day
Not Fade Away
Warm And Tender Love
Around And Around
Mountain Jam
Johhny B. Goode

-Anonymous (03/15/2012)

In every Aud recording i've heard, there is some bro talkin bout a fourth of july party with fifty kegs of beer. Sounds like a dope party. go figure, the guy musta walked around that whole place, and if i remember correctly from Super Ball, which is a little hard, that place is massive. Dude musta been flyin. Gotta love it.
-Murphy (12/13/2012)

So we were a bit crisp from the night before, when the sun set over a couple hundred thousand early birds as the GD jammed away on stage. Probably the most idyllic set ever, for me. In the morning, I'm rubbing my eyes open and someone passes me a mound of mescaline on one of those miniature cereal boxes. I snorted a bunch, what would you have done?! Then we took the blotter making the rounds, as the day progressed. Predictable afternoon thunderstorm drenched us all, then sun, a breeze and, the Allmans rocked that place big time. By that time, people as far as the eye could see. Hitting the Porto-Sans was a major expedition. The biggest damn show I'd ever been to (thank the gods) then or since.
- (01/25/2013)

Two more details, no three!
First, Jer seemed to be dipping his cigarette into something, then lighting it. Second, in Playing, the three guitarists turned toward each other and played in a tight circle. I've got pics of this. Third, on Sunshine Daydream, the band stops before this coda, Bobby raises his right hand and signals the group to hold the pause, he races back to his amp, grabs his half-full Heineken and downs it, runs back to the mic and off they go.
- (01/25/2013)

Rad HCS jam check it out GD fools. The better part of four hours this show? Wow you freaks I know that I enjoyed it, check out the crazy Mtn. Jam, RIP Duane
- (02/27/2014)

Last Box of Rain until 3/20/86
- (12/06/2015)

My mom went to this show with some friends. One of them split cause he was craving a bite to eat. Ate in a crowded diner down the road from the racecourse and ended up sharing a booth with Jerry.
-Annie Nonamouse (07/29/2017)

... after the shorten show of 7/27/1973 & the perfect Encore:
Around And Around... we literally were " Sleeping (Dancing ) in the Street" & what do we hear coming from the racetrack ...

Turned around to see
Heard a voice calling, calling, calling
You was comin after me
.... Bertha don't you come around here anymore...

Best show of the 191 ones I travel to....
3/21/1973 Utica - begin
2/24/1995 Oakland - end.....
What a LONG Strange Trip it has & continues to be....
-Anonymous (05/18/2022)

meant to say ended at 1992...

Best show of the 191 ones I travel to....
3/21/1973 Utica - begin
2/24/1992 Oakland - end.....
What a LONG Strange Trip it has & continues to be...
-Anonymous (05/18/2022)

A twist on a famous quote: I've never met a 73-74 I didn't like!
-Old School (07/27/2023)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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