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Grand Prix Racecourse - Watkins Glen, NY

Set 1:
Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
Big River
Tennessee Jed

Set 2:
Mississippi Half-Step
Me And My Uncle
Wharf Rat

Around And Around

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anyone out there remember this one? ask for dave.

This show had to have been longer. Looks sweet though. Wharf Rat is a classic GD tune.

This was a soundcheck for the next days show.

FZ is right....get with it!

"the beautiful jam" is included in "so many roads" box-set and it is beautiful indeed.
-n.ural (01/14/2009)

Promised>Sugaree-Phil is on fire and playing as if he were the lead instrument. You can hear his fingers plucking off the strings. Solid pre77 slow Sugaree. While the soundcheck was better, the start of this show is mighty fine!
- (08/03/2010)

Perrins, what means you "the soundcheck was better" isn't this the soundcheck? Wasn't the show the next day?
- (08/03/2010)

This is the soundcheck. I was 20 feet from Jerry. The next day the Dead opened for the Band and the Allman Brothers. Great day. 600,000 people.
-Ziggy (05/03/2011)

Anybody here a FOTM jam in the latter half of the jam?
-Rob (09/02/2011)

or is it fraklins rob lol
- (10/27/2011)

I thought it was Eyes:)
Whatever this is, it is filthy good
-CG (07/11/2012)

Friday night was warm; clear skies and cloudy minds abound. Arriving the day before, the field was wide open space. We positioned ourselves on Phil's side awaiting the expected onslaught. The "show" would be tomorrow - saturday - so all settled in for a mellow Friday night. Oops. The Boys came out - one by one, like stragglers - to look, to tune up...who knew? It began unexpectedly, no frills, typically Dead. A little rock-n-roll, a little swing through a few...the impish references to a "sound check". Save the acid for tomorrow?? Nah, something's up...and up....and up. Flight!! The Best Damn Band in the Land, once again.
-DobbsBaby (01/15/2013)

We arrived early and took up positions on the left side of the stage, where Jer stood in his green t-shirt. Because of the heat and lack of water at RFK Stadium a month earlier (dbl bill with Allmans), promoters had mountains of water in gallon jugs, for the taking. So we spread our sleeping bags out on the ground in front of the stage and laid our heads on the jugs and just relaxed. Big excitement when the Allmans came out for a one-hour set, then The Band. We pretty much knew that the GD would exploit their position as third soundcheckers, so we dosed and enjoyed the hell out of the long set. Imagine, laying out on a sleeping bag, passing something exotic, with the boys rockin' out on stage. Next day the GD came on at NOON and we were barely ready. A truly good time.
- (01/18/2013)

I think it's more of a Help jam than anything else. Roll away...
- (07/12/2013)

Oops, meant Franklins.
- (07/12/2013)

Rob, FOTM (Fire On The Mountain) wouldn't be played for the first time for another 4 years yet, so it's "hallucihearing", or ... a trick of the ear! Wish I'd been there, fo sho. Hozzymodo
-Hoz (01/28/2014)

The Beautiful Jam is from Port Chester 2/18/71. So Many Roads features the Watkins Glen Soundcheck Jam.

On a personal note, my mom attended this show with several friends. One of them got really hungry and headed off to a local diner and because it was so crowded he had to share a table. Ended up having breakfast with Jerry Garcia.
-Anonymous (06/17/2020)

Rob is right and everyone else is wrong, this is definitely a proto-FOTM jam
- (07/08/2020)

Agree with Rob and bzfgt. Proto-FOTM jam. And it's not necessary to point out that FOTM didn't come out until several years later, that's why it's a PROTO. There's no reason to think the melody was something Jerry had been playing around with for years before Hunter hit him with some words that fit. It's much faster than the finished version so it's easy not to hear it.
-Dr Filth (01/13/2022)

Shoot. Meant to say "no reason NOT to think the melody..."
-Dr Filth (01/13/2022)

FOTM tune was from Mickey Hartís Happiness is Drumming released in 1976. Seems unlikely Garcia was noodling with the tune three years before. But I havenít heard, never know with this band
Love the jam
- (07/30/2022)

Re: The Beautiful Jam...pretty sure the one on So Many Roads is from The Cap on 2/18/71. The whole show is up there at the top of the list but the Dark Star=>Wharf Rat=>Beautiful Jam=>Dark Star is some of the best music anyone will hear anywhere. And the Hot To Handle before that is a hot one!
- (09/09/2022)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
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