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Utica Memorial Auditorium - Utica, NY

Set 1:
Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
They Love Each Other
Looks Like Rain
Beat It On Down The Line
Bird Song
Jack Straw
Box Of Rain
You Ain't Woman Enough
The Race Is On
Row Jimmy
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' In The Band
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Big River
Wave That Flag
Me And My Uncle
Here Comes Sunshine
The Other One
Eyes Of The World
China Doll
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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wow that 2 nite run in Utica back in '73 was one heck of a one-two punch of shows!
this one is another beauty...every song is performed with precision and some of the jams really take off...china>rider, playin, here comes sunshine and eyes feature some of the hottest jams but this whole show is just tremendous!

This was my second show. We waited in line, general admission, all day in front of the gym. Found our way right to the front of the stage, with the crush of the crowd. Look at the set list for the first set - it is like a whole show - over two hours! Bobby was in fine cowboy mode this set, as well as the Playin'. Second set is beautiful, esp. Other One and China Doll. One of my best show memories...

Been in heaven for the past 15 minutes listening to the gosh

and a suplication jam in there as well!

this is another grate example of the "Greatest Band in the Land" set i is long and tasty and the sher volume of the 1st set speaks for itself. TLEO,LLR,BS,China/Rider and PITB is just sick. Jerry is tearing it up and Phil unloads bombs all over you. The boys are on tonight. set ii starts with a good river and then when sunshines comes out to take a peek your right where you need to be for some real great work from the boys,leading into a well played truckin onto TOO->Eyes->China is just unreal. Sugar sends the crowd into a mad frenzy just for One more Saturday Night. Great show and please get at all cost. :^))

Look at the set, Great show, wonderful sound. One of the Best Box of Rain. It also cool to hear Phil talk before Box.
-Stevie G (02/16/2008)

Is this actually available for download? That would be such a rush! This was my first Grateful Dead show and stands until this day as one of the greatest experiences of my life, so it is exciting even to stumble on this set list. I confess I do not remember much detail from that evening; we were pretty high! It was the second night of a two-night run, and the word from those who went the first night was that "the pigs were heavy." So we did not smoke in the arena, but we all dropped some very strong blotter before the show, and by the second set, OMG... flashing, flashing, flashing! It was in a hockey rink with no seats in the middle, so we had all kinds of room for dancing and swirling, and when the lights hit the mirror ball as the band hit "Sunshine Daydream," what can I possibly say? It still makes my heart throb to think of it. There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert!
- (10/25/2008)

Looking for scan of ticket or ad from either Utica show for archive project.

- (03/01/2014)

WOW This Other One is AMAZING!!!! It starts out very inconspicuously out of Truckin, led by Jerry, and after the first verse/chorus goes to Europe 72 territory!! My jaw dropped. I have listened twice, once passively and once actively. The first time, I didn't notice the song almost became Stella Blue, and then came ROARING back into the Other One. Man, this is a TRIP! Is this March 73 or April 72? Getting my vote on Headyversion for sure! When it finally does fall into Eyes, you truly feel like you fell and Jerry caught you with that delicate sublime, it brought a smile to my stolen face!
-Anonymous (03/22/2018)

Set 1

Promised Land - Standard opener goodness.

Sugaree - 10 Star - Slow Jerry - Sweetness.

Mexicali Blues - Nice pickin' by you know who.

They Love Each Other - Standard fast 73 version.

Deal - This one just coasts along.

Bird Song - Attention bird watchers. A good one !

Jack Straw - Tight.

The Race Is On - Lovin' this little ditty.

Row Jimmy - Great guitar licks.

El Paso - Standard/good.

China > Rider - cuts in at first verse. Really fun Cat with a nice transition to a well played Rider.

Playing In The Band - Spider finger Jerry is all over this. A very rich tone the entire time.

Set 2 is Fantastic !

Big River - Booty Shaker.

Wave That Flag - In my opinion....the best version yet.

Me and My Uncle - Always works.

Here Comes Sunshine - Why did they quit playing this for so long ? They played the sheet out of it! Here's an example.

Truckin' - Great slide work at the midway point. Such a good sound provided by all 5 of them. Nice and clean playing. Enters a sublime/chill blues vibe. Sweet segue.

The Other One - The super smooth jamming continues. Jeeeeez! Trippy on the last lap.

Eyes of the World - Again Eyes is tight but loose. Moving from one mood to another. Wonderful communication b/w band members. They are really ON! The entire Here Comes Sunshine & Truckin' through China Doll is phenomenal. One of those great 50 + minute stretches that sound like it was all constructed beforehand.

China Doll - Lush.

Sugar Magnolia - 5 Star burner !!!!

One More Saturday Night - Perfect close.

Of the 27 songs played the 23 above I would download and spin again.

23 of 27 is a grade of 85.18%

Cheers !

-Bloggy Mcgee (09/16/2018)

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(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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