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Dane County Coliseum - Madison, WI

Set 1:
Loose Lucy
Beat It On Down The Line
Brown-Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Looks Like Rain
Box Of Rain
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Me And My Uncle
Playin' In The Band
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Here Comes Sunshine
El Paso
You Ain't Woman Enough
They Love Each Other
Big River
Dark Star
Eyes Of The World
China Doll
Promised Land
Sugar Magnolia

Uncle John's Band
One More Saturday Night

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best they love each other

Just a great show, gotta love 1973!

A few things to mention. I've never heard You Ain't Woman Enough before I downloaded this at, and I loved the song, how come donna didn't get the boys to let her belt this one out after 73? I had also never heard Loose Lucy and that was of course the first song of the show, really a great song, a great version, and a great opener to a fun night in mad-town. Here Comes Sunshine is really good, but I like 11/30/73 better. I've never heard a Dark Star like this. Then again, I suppose every Dark Star is pretty different. But five minutes of just Phil? Awesome, thats all you can really say. Gotta love any madison show.

BIODTL-10 beats before first lyric
Playin'-wonderful spooky jam

Dark Star-excellent jazzy Billy
Eyes of the World-great Keith fills
Sugaree(boys wanted to have quick set III?)
Sugar Magnolia-beautiful solos


Lots or relatively new numbers here in this show.
Loose Lucy-2/97 times played
LL Rain-12/413
Row Jimmy-2/271

You Aint Woman Enough-1st/15. This is a Loretta Lynn song. I fell out of my chair when I saw Coal Miners daugheter "hey...hey..that's a Donna song"
Sugare-enjoy the late 2nd set placement.

First set is "shoot em up saloon" 2nd set is set the controls for the heart of the sun.


dusted off sum old tapes... this was the frist show i put on.. i couldnt of picked a better show. one of the best in my collection. looks like rain followed by a box.. fantastic!!!
- (04/19/2007)

never heard "You Ain't Woman Enough"?... okay... i can understand that, but never heard "Loose Lucy"??? What rock have you been under, dude?
- (01/13/2009)

SBD recording in 3 parts. Enjoy!



-Spread the Dead (01/23/2009)

I counted 12 Philbeats to open BIODTL. Maybe Deadbase can resolve this controversy. What was the average number for '73, anyway?
- (01/13/2010)

- (03/29/2011)

Dark Star: n - An invisible star known to exist only from observation of its radio, infrared, or other spectrum or of its gravitational effect.

Reason #1384-2612 that the GD are musical rulers of the planet. The Dark Star is an ever existing ebb & flow of concepts and ideas from which all GD music transpires. Some times we hear it, sometimes we don't, sometime the band hears it, sometimes they don't. Occasionally (232 times), Dark Star flows from the minds, fingers, and mouths of the Grateful Dead.

The gravitational effect of DS is not really measurable, but can sometimes be noted and observed. The DS>Eyes>China Doll in this performance is one of those observable moments.

This DS is by far not a top rated one (though dang good), but its gravitational effect is rather profound this night. I can hear the band searching during the DS, trying to find something. Just when I think the DS is a dud and not going to make my brain melt, they fashion an Eyes of The World & China Doll from it that is amazing. Furthermore, I think they find in Eyes what they were looking for (if they really knew what they were looking for) in DS.

Hats off boys, this is why I love you.

- (03/24/2012)

Hey Perrin
you've always got me counting the intro now to BIODTL!! It does vary and fun to count!

-Hipfan99 (10/24/2013)

Darkstar...Uncle Phil leads the way out into what sounds like a very, very, very early Wheel into Eyes. Wunderbar.
-Blind Man (01/23/2014)

The China Cat just showed up on my iPod Shuffle and to my surprise I believe the 2nd and third verses are reversed. Can anyone verify?
-Jeffy B. (12/02/2014)

Great show from front to back. Box of Rain, China Cat > Rider, and a wonderful, spacey Playin' are Set I highlights. Billy plays very well throughout. I'll add a voice to the chorus suggesting Set II is magical.

Seems like the band usually got it right at the Dane County Coliseum.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (02/13/2015)


Loose Lucy - Better than the previous one. Good opener

Beat It On Down The Line - Tight

Brown Eyed Women - Faster than the first one of the year. Sweet vibe.

Mexicali Blues - Textbook goodness.

Tennessee Jed - A keeper

Row Jimmy - Good God. A little quicker than versions to come but it still rolls along like it should. Absolutely beautiful.

Jack Straw - Concise

China > Rider - Jerry smokes this Rider down to his fingers.

Me and My Uncle - Textbook awesome

Bertha - Textbook sweetness

Playing - 15 minutes of fine & dandy Dead.

Casey Jones - Nice playing from Jerry during the verses


Here Comes Sunshine - EXCELLENT rendition

El Paso - Tight

They Love Each Other - Another upbeat version. Fun

Big River - Jer & Bill are killin' it !

Dark Star - Typical ambience leads to Phil playing alone on the backend.

Eyes of the World - More space throughout than the debut. Freeform jazz played super duper loose.

Promised Land - KEITH !!!!!!

Sugaree - Jerry's sweet delivery

Sugar Magnolia - Rocks. Rolls.

Uncle John's Band - Love the laid back feel.

One More Saturday Night - Textbook closer.

Of the 28 tunes played the 24 above I would download and spin again

24 of 28 is a grade of 85.7%

Cheers !!!


-Anonymous (09/12/2018)

Here are Dick's thoughts on this show, from 1997:

This has to be one of the top 10
shows of the year. The first set features an up-tempo version of
"Row Jimmy" that will knock you out. "China Cat->Rider" and
"Bertha" are also worth going with. The highlight is easily, as
though any of you can't guess, is "Playing in the Band". So, we
give this first set a VG rating, if not VG plus.

The second set
starts off in a stunning manner, with one of the better versions of
"Here Comes Sunshine".(I really do not believe that any version
has even approached #1-12/19/73 or #2- 11/30/73)
Not much is happening until the "Dark Star" jam. Well this is superb, and so is the "Eyes of the World" that follows.

I am pretty much of the
opinion that the best versions of this monstrous medley that starts
with "Dark Star" and usually concludes with "Morning Dew", (but
as is the case here, went to "Eyes->China Doll") are the following:
2/22/73; 6/24/73; 9/11/73; 10/19/73; 10/25/73; 10/30/73; 11/11/73
and 12/18/73.

Anyway, a thrilling version of "Sugar Magnolia" and a pretty damn decent two-tune encore concludes this excellent show, which is not in the vault, by the way!!
- (03/04/2020)

Simply an amazing show on all levels. Classic 70s Dead and the best of the Dead!
- (06/26/2020)

They jam at the end of dark star into eyes is amazing! This is why I been listening to them for 35 years and still going.
-Kdead (10/01/2020)

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(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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