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Municipal Auditorium - Austin, TX

Set 1:
Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Black Throated Wind
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Beat It On Down The Line
El Paso
Bird Song
Playin' In The Band
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Greatest Story Ever Told
He's Gone
The Other One
Stella Blue
Big River
Ramble On Rose
Sugar Magnolia
Brokedown Palace
Around And Around
One More Saturday Night

Uncle John's Band

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NOTE: Promised Land is missing from tape, and beginning to UJB is cut.

Can't believe this is the first review here. This five show Texas run contains many outstanding moments and great shows. This is the middle show in the Texas run.

The mix issues throughout most of the first set get figured out towards the end. After Mexicali Blues, Bobby mentions that Pigpen is recovering and that they hope he'll be back out with the band soon. Very faint Jerry vocals in Loser because of microphone problems. When audio comes back, keys are too loud and drums to low. Nice ending to BTW, Jerry leading the charge. This energy feeds into great version of China -> Rider. China Cat extends itself a little, Bobby playing his comp lines as Bill regulates the beat. It's as close as Bobby comes to a solo and it's effective in transitioning the song into its jam section. Towards the end, Jerry takes over and the move into Rider is seamless. Phil is very active here. It's a good omen for the rest of the show. Jerry's last solo is special and by himself pushes the band to play more aggressively.

Candyman is beautiful, with very empathetic playing and great ensemble sections. Jerry's wah solo is piercing. The Bird Song is huge. The mix shifts every now and then. The piano dropping out, bass becoming low, then all changing minutes later. It finally settles down about three minutes in. Jerry takes off and it becomes very Dark Star-y. These 1972 Bird Songs are extraordinary. Veneta 08-27 is well-known of course, but check out the Berkeley ones 08-22 and 08-24, and from the Fall tour, 09/17 (DP 23), 09-21 (DP 36), 10-02, 10-18. Following this great performance with a downright evil Playin' is what makes 1972 such a landmark year. This is just spectacular. Maybe not as intense as 11-18 (but then again, what is?), but equally profound. Must-hear cut. The band takes off when Jerry gets on the wah, and Keith takes over structuring the jam when Jerry lays out. He comes back moments later and rips for the rest of the tune. A GREAT Playin' in this year of five-star Playins.

Phil is very prominent in the start to Greatest Story. Jerry hops on the wah again and rips. We're moving into the meat of the second set:

He's Gone ->
Truckin' ->
Drums ->
The Other One ->
Stella Blue

This is special music. Everything flows smoothly and the tension the band squeezes into sections before releases (Truckin' for example, and multiple places in TOO) is masterful. Dig Jerry's solo in He's Gone. Letter perfect. The last jam and transition into Truckin' is patient and well developed. Jerry can create variations out of simple lines like no one else. Slowly the jam takes a turn towards the end, sounding as if they're going straight into TOO, but there's a hard stop and Drums comes out of nowhere. At this point, we're sure this is an intro to TOO, and when Phil plays the rumbling intro the jam takes off from the get-go. Circles within circles. Their playing behind Bobby's singing is sinister and tight, Phil taking a turn that Jerry usually takes between lines. The jam isn't as aggressive as other versions this year, though Phil's solo near the end serves as a nice transition into an ending jam before slipping into a fragile Stella Blue. The show ends with strong Big River, Ramble On Rose, and Sugar Mag. Brokedown is nice with a great Jerry solo section.

Early mix problems notwithstanding, this is a very strong show overall with excellent performances and tight jamming. A must for any lover of 1972.
-Ed (02/14/2017)

... thank you Sirius for playing 11/22/1972 Austin, TX for us today on the 7AM TIGDH ...

Set 2:
He's Gone
The Other One
Stella Blue

iko iko on & on .......
- (11/22/2020)

Sunshine Daydream ruined again by Bobby and Donna with the over-the-top screaming. Have to yank the earbuds out of my ears. Fucking horrible. Thank goodness for Jerry with the soothing Brokendown follow up.
-Anonymous (10/03/2023)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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