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Stanley Theater - Jersey City, NJ

Set 1:
Beat It On Down The Line
Brown-Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Mississippi Half-Step
Black Throated Wind
Don't Ease Me In
Big River
Tennessee Jed
Promised Land
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' In The Band

Set 2:
Greatest Story Ever Told
Brokedown Palace
Me And My Uncle
Ramble On Rose
El Paso
He's Gone
The Other One
Me And Bobby McGee
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away

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i will assume that the reason the night before was selected as DP11 is because the vocals are all but inaudible for the first song or two and the sound (on my ultramatrix cd) doesn't gel until BE WOMEN on this night...but even with these slight shortcomings, i still would rather've had this show picked by dick...the last 4 songs of set1 are un-freakin'-believable with PLAYIN' taking the cake....set2 starts out with a bouncy BERTHA which is then followed by THE VERSION of the jam after the 2nd verse the band winds it's way into a full-on ST STEPHEN jam...donna starts wailing some counterpoint to the melody which some people find obtrusive...i, however, LOVE when she shrieks, screams, wails, etc>>>>it shows a certain enthusiasm that, even when out of key, tends to light a fire under the band's collective ass...the set continues in superb fashion...getting better and better until we get into the jam between HE'S GONE and THE OTHER ONE...phil is over the fuckin top here...he steps out to do his usual '72-type solo with billy nicely adding cotrasting fills as they musically dance around each others playing until they lock into a groove for about 35 or 40 seconds (maybe a bit longer) that is one of the thickest, deepest grooves i may have ever heard...the exception to the "phil can't be funky" rule...after this dissipates, phil frollicks for a second or 2 before cannon-balling us into THE OTHER ONE>>>ohmigod!!!!!...the rest of the set stays on par with these goings on to make for, what i feel is, one of the best WHOLE shows EVER!!!!!

I heard that something occured with the reels for this show involving theft or unauthorized borrowing that introduced this show into circulation, but also turned Dick against ever releasing it.

Too bad, because this is one of my fav tapes ever. The Other One is the best version I have ever heard. It turns at all the right places and the middle jam completely melts into a sea of chaos and feedback before Bobby brings things back to Earth, strumming the opening chords of Bobby McGee.
-Tony Masiello

Hot show. Funiculi Funicula before Me & My Uncle.

-80s head (06/14/2013)

My favorite show but my deck ate my 2nd set as I was transfering it to CD. I had a crisp soundboard. Can any one help?
- (12/02/2017)

mighty fine playing by Jerry throughout China Cat > Rider. Gotta love '72.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (04/11/2018)

Gonna try again. Can any one help with me replacing the 2nd set? Thanks
- (04/26/2018)

Feel like an idiot this is my correct email address if anyone has this 2nd set... thanks
- (07/03/2018)

This is statistically the most "representative" GD show of all time as it contains the highest number of top ten most frequently played songs. Truckin, O1, M&MU, Playin, NFA, China>Rider, Sugar Mag. 9/27 & 9/28 might be the two best back to back shows in GD history.
-Ron McKernan (07/24/2018)

Actually, the most statistically representative show would be earlier that month- 9/3/72 contains all of those plus Jack Straw
-Technical Tony (07/24/2018)

Ron, you hit the nail on the head. These 2 Stanley Theater shows are the best back to back shows EVER. 9/27 is just incredible and 9/28 might actually be better. What blows my mind is that just two days later they played an amazing and quite unheralded show at American University. Easily the second best tour of all time after Europe when you factor in 9/17 Balto and 9/21 Philly. Just ridiculous!
- (01/28/2022)

Hearing this now on Sirius, it's clear why it's not a Dick or Dave Pick and it has nothing to do with the performance. The "soundboard" is an audience splice for all of Truckin, parts of Half-Step and I Know You Rider, and Jerry's vocals and guitar are inaudible for most of Loser. But something interesting happened during that Loser... it zoned me in on Bobby's rhythm stylings which I must say, are impeccable throughout. Loser, BE Women and China Cat > Rider are standouts. As much as I've made fun of Bobby over the years for his over the top rock star antics and overall cheesiness, he was always the perfect compliment to Jerry's leads. He knew his place and did his job. It must have been super obvious from Day 1 that Jerry was the lynchpin, his playing so sophisticated from such a young age. Serendipity, we're so lucky they all found each other.
-August West (04/12/2022)

I had to jump back in to say it is definitely NOT Funiculi Funicula before Me and My Uncle. It's the freaking Mexican Hat Dance. It's actually called 'Jarabe Tapatío' and is the national dance of Mexico.
-August West (04/12/2022)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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