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Folsom Field (University Of Colorado) - Boulder, CO

Set 1:
Promised Land
Me And My Uncle
Tennessee Jed
Black Throated Wind
Bird Song
Beat It On Down The Line
Mississippi Half-Step
Playin' In The Band
Casey Jones

Set 2:
El Paso
Brown-Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
He's Gone
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Johnny B. Goode

Set 3:
Cold Rain And Snow
Sugar Magnolia
Jack Straw
Ramble On Rose
Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad

Not Fade Away

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Attended this show with my buddy Rocky and his older sisters while visiting them for the summer. Best show I remember ;-}. The brownies were excellent. THe band was incredibly tight and firing on all cylinders. Have pictures from the show (B&W)

Yeah, one of the best Dead concerts that I ever saw and probably the most completely transcendental days of my life. Anyone else remember the two dudes throwing lids to crowds from huge cardboard boxes? Perfect finish to a great summer. I had spent the summer out in Long Island (basically living in the back some guy's VW bus. Saw the New riders in Central Park, then headed to the Poconos Raceway for concert with about dozen bands.

I had just got back to Denver the week before the concert. The whole day was just magical, the trip to and from on the Denver Boulder highway (man the road was bumper to bumper with happy people listening to KFML), the afternoon rain (and resulting rainbow) and most importantly, running across many good and old friends from across the county (many that I would never see again).

It capped the ending of an important time period in my life and what a way to end that era. No longer would I aimlessly hitch-hike around the country as it was time to live the respectable life struggling to pay rent. Well else what can I say, but that day is etched in memory forever. I occasionally still travel back to that day and the concert in my dreams and the next morning I awake insidious smile on my face.


The He's Gone > The Other One > Wharf Rat appear as filler on Dick's Picks 36. Yowza.
-Adam j

I remember the guys throwing lids into the crowd during intermission! I was sitting up high and I mean high (5 hits) and watched the band through binoculars enjoy a beautiful buffet backstage. The watermelon looked great, I was thirsty and many people had heatstroke. A smoke cloud appeared over the crowd stage front after the lids were tossed! Hitched a ride home in a jeep and the rain came down hard. It was one of the best shows I have seen. A month later I was working day labor and talked with another worker at lunch about the show and told him I saw a guy try to climb up the flagstone wall of the stadium at the show but fell just as he reached the top. The climber landed with a sickening thud a few yards from me and was hauled off by medics. My co-worker responded "That was was me." Incredible...
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this show is absolutly awesome, one of the sickest setlists too, i mean just look at it !!!!
-Anonymous (02/03/2009)

will a good SBD of this show ever surface? the quality of the bonus tracks on DP 36 are excellent and must mean they have a good master in the vault. the sbd version on the archive gets the job done but isnt anywhere near the quality of the bonus tracks on DP 36. lets hope this board surfaces in its entirety or at least whats left of it.
-connecticut chris (02/04/2009)

finally its surfaced!!!
-connecticut chris (12/06/2009)

First show of the outstanding September tour, three-setter to boot. (Three Dick's Picks released from this tour, 11, 23, and 36. All five star shows.)

The Playin' here is raging and deserves more notice. The interplay between Jerry and Bill is outstanding. They're listening to each other so well. Phil is a magician with one note. Check out his rhythmic changes on only note while chaos swirls around him. As a band, they did this better than anyone else. The drums aren't the anchor, the bass is, while every other instrument takes turns pushing and pulling the tune in multiple directions. Sometimes Phil led, but in this case, he anchors a majestic version of Playin'.

There's some hilarious Bobby banter before El Paso: "start nice and straight, finish it up weird."

In set 2, He's Gone -> The Other One -> Wharf Rat appears on DP 36. The sustained feedback going from He's Gone into TOO is a great touch. This TOO is a monster among the many monsters in Sept. '72. Thirty minutes of propulsive exploration, Jerry guiding the flaming spaceship through a blasted wormhole. Wharf Rat has a nice ending jam with strong group dynamics.

Third set picks up after an average Cold Rain. Ending energy of Sugar Mags bleeds into Deal and Jack Straw. NFA->GDTRFB->NFA rips.

Sources are a little spotty in the second set, but overall the quality is good. Enjoy this outstanding show and pass it along to a friend.
-Ed (02/09/2017)

Dick's Picks 36

Disc 4

He's Gone 10:30
The Other One 28:57
Wharf Rat 10:16

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

This was my first Dead show, not a bad introduction if I say so myself. Epic doesn't come close. There were 400 to follow. The bus came by and I got on.
- (04/04/2020)

The Range Riders gave away a thousand baggies stuffed with Rainbow ganja, papers and strike any where matches
Jerry let's bring it in with the equipment. If you got one, thank you for being there.

We also booked The Dead to play at The Glen Miller Ballroom, Boulder on May 29,1989. I remember helping Mickey and Bear mixing gallons of apple cider and Orange Sunshine.
- (10/17/2021)

Dave's Picks 46 Bonus Disc

China Cat Sunflower 6:43
I Know You Rider 5:59
Brown-Eyed Women 5:26
Truckin' 10:42
Cold Rain and Snow 5:30
Ramble on Rose 6:17

-Bookkeeper (05/01/2023)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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