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Old Renaissance Faire Grounds - Veneta, OR

Set 1:
Promised Land
Me And My Uncle
Black Throated Wind
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Mexicali Blues

Set 2:
Playin' In The Band
He's Gone
Jack Straw
Bird Song
Greatest Story Ever Told

Set 3:
Dark Star
El Paso
Sing Me Back Home
Sugar Magnolia

Casey Jones
One More Saturday Night

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This is one of the most ridiculous shows I have ever heard. Bird Song jams out like never before. Playin in the Band has some of the trippiest sounds ever emminating from Jerry's gitar. Dark Star-->ElPaso drips with goo! Get this if you don't have it. I've heard that it is on video to (Sunshine Daydream) If anyone has seen it, please tell me!

Very nice show! Third set Dark Star>El Paso opener.... mmmmmmm...
The stuff dreams are made of!
I rate this show an A+

There is a dankseed version of this song available:
If anyone wants a b&p of the DANK version of this show, in .shn format or audio, feel free to contact me:
Keep the Music Free!
This was a benefit for Springfield Creamery.

[dankseed version of this _show_, I mean...]

The the most transendant Show in all it transendant SHN-format...and you thought life couldn't get any better.

best Bird Song ever!

Absolutely the best post-Europe show that year!

best jack straw i have heard!

the playin' is so "far out"

one of my favorite shows ever. i have it on VIDEO and i would like it on cd. e mail me

flys like a bullet in tye-dyed rain...


overrated?? at first i thought maybe it was a bit...BUT upon repeated listenings i changed my opinion...was it the heat? the acid? the crowd? i don't know what it was exactly but the whole show feels surreal and by the time they are deep into a "dark star" that will literally steal your face right off your head you realize that this is serious "mind melt" stuff folks!

Stories from old deadheads reveal many of the same recollections...lots of good acid, lots of dancing, lots of freedom, lots of heat, lots to great trips. Deeply psychadelic playing on even the simplest songs, not to mention "Playin'", "Dark Star," "Bird Song"

great mexicali and bertha

Part of this show will be released on
DVD sometime in 2002.

I saw Dark Star Orchestra play on this very sight at the Oregon Country Fair this year. Choice.

Sing Me Back Home is nice here.
Stage announcements here among the more entertaining.
I do like this show. Dick thought it was over rated.
There was probably less then 200 folks at this thing, I've seen several pics.
-joe head

I think the accurate Head count for this gig was about 30,000...I have seen the video.

I never got to see a dead show, but if I got my choice of one, this would be the show I'd pick. If anyone can get me a copy of it on video, I will trade anything.

Wooooo! Wotta show! I could tell the crowd was really into it, cos everybody was just goin nuts in the second set. Then this hippy chick just in front of me suddenly stands out and pops her charlies out... Nothing really unusual about this, only about 10 second later a clump of mud flew outta nowhere and hit her on the left titty. Mmmm, happy days...

No matter what period of dead you like, there's no denying the beauty and simplicity of this show. It brings shivers to your spine to listen to the innocence in Jerry's voice. If you love the good old grateful dead, you'll apreciate this show.
-grateful farmer

Not overrated! Dark Star is just too sick to describe and, when it finally ends, it flows beautifully into El Paso. Also my recording of the show is just bitchin'!

Dark Star > El Paso ?? what ?? You better believe it, a true facemelter indeed. The whole show is just incredible and the band is ON. The first few seconds of El Paso still catch me off guard and bring a huge smile to my face... gotta love the good ol' grateful dead

When is the DVD coming out?!?!?! I need to see the video!!!


Pleeeeeeeeese EMAIL me...

you will make my year....please


This show made me fall in love with the GD, after years of only lukewarm feeling for them. What everybody else said. Just intense.

Great Great Great. There is a video of this show and it is called Sunshine Daydream, I wanted this video for soooooo long and never thought I would find it but low and behold I moved in to a house recently and one of my roomates had it in her collection Yay, so if there is anyone out there that soooooooooooooooooooo needs to see it like myself feel free to e mail me, it is very cool!

Just as those first mysterious notes of the most mind melting performance of Dark Star ever unfold, a dog on stage or just off it lets out some eerie barks and the two sound perfect together. Really magical...and clearly caught on tape. sometimes it just works.

This is a fantastic show. The playing, the setlist, the vibes, the whole lot. One of my all-time faves.

I've got the Sunshine Daydream DVD. E-mail me if you want it B&P:d for you. I could use some good shows in return if you have any, but no worries on that lot.

I just got the ENTIRE show on video from a source who proves to me time and again that he truly is da man! This is NOT the circulating downsized version that just has the DS with a coupla other tunes.

E-mail me if interested cuz I got lots to trade.

Peace out.

is veneta pernounced veneeeeeeta or ven-ida

Everybody's already pointed out the fantastic Dark Star, Playin', Jack Straw, Bird Song, etc....but it't the Greatest Story Ever Told that really blows me away. It's without a doubt the very best GSET ever played, and is to me the highlight of the show. I've seen most of the video of the show, and while it is very interesting, it's not very professionally done. The color on the version I saw was really washed out and I do believe the camera people may have sampled the kool-aid. This is truly a great show, a perfect demonstration of the Dead going way, WAY out there.
-august west

fuckin' groovy.for the millionth time,dark star-el paso?this is why the dead will always be remembered.garcia may not have the greatest voice,but i love his the most.have to hear a srange little tune every other's about delivery,feeling.look at those like a roads through out his life.always kept it real.72,is orgasmic but 73,is tantric.he was what he thought,a regular guy with a tune.could have been me or you.we know he was a little modest.its okay to suck,girls it's natural.not serious,but smart ones get it.i am.bird song is groovy.imagine a little later with a here comes sunshine?running around naked w/a hard on & after trippin with the angels.
-mr. logical.

multiple orgasms.don't hate,appreciate.what did the head say when he ran out of drugs?this music is fuckin amazing!need more drugs!with or without,it is proof for those who sadly do not know.if i were a river,i'd run uphill.if you call him,you know he's all right to stray &grey,but don't fade taw-intelligent deadhead.

windowpanes.aeroplanes.stop reading,you fuckin it with your life too.hedonism.make it better.not best but in top you all who recognize.tere are shows you can replace,and others you cannot.time has come to way those things,this dick is gettin hot.grain of salt.fuck tapes,this should be remastered on is obvious.sorry to overdue it,like a fool i mixed em an strangled up my mind.the logical one-mr.taw
-mr. taw

Hottest show. Listen to it blumin' in the summer!!

I have most of this show on video if anybody wants it. I will be adding it to my YouTube channel soon.

From what I can remember of that hot day back in August of '72 it was all pleasant. A few friends and I attended this show just a month before I started school at Oregon State. Nice way to relax for nine or ten hours on a beautiful and hot Sunday afternoon.

The New Rider's opened up for the Dead...they were excellent. And then the I can't add much more than what has already been said.

Does anyone remember the Southern Pacific "chip train" coming through on the tracks on the south edge of the field...timed perfectly as the Dead was into 'Casey Jones'...the engineer of course was blowing his horn all along the route. It was after dark and I think the train was headed west.

And does anyone remember a small plane, maybe a Cessna 172 or such, taking off from the west end of the field and barely clearing the stage and stack of speakers at the east end of the field? Somehow that image just sticks clearly in my mind...most other memories are more than a wee bit sketchy.
- (05/15/2007)

In 1999 I was driving the long desert highway that leads into Vegas from the south and cranking this show. The Playing is so phenomenal that I had to actually pull over and get my bearings when it was done. It was a surreal experience. This is yet another example that proves anyone who holds Ithaca 77 as the greatest show is a fool.
-Anonymous (09/10/2007)

I love this show. I was too young to ever see the Grateful Dead. But this show definitly gets me in the zone. Great quality show and download!
- (03/14/2008)

This was one of my first REALLY GOOD tapes that I got my hands on. I fell in love with it, listened to it over and over and over and over...........

I had this as my favorite Jack Straw, but then I heard one from a month later 9/21/72 (Dick's Pick's vol. 36) that blows this one away. If you have not heard it yet, give it a listen, you'll drop your brian on the floor.
- (10/25/2008)

get the jay serafin version of this show on the archive, its the clearest and best version imho. some tracks are split up which sucks but its still better quality. other versions have hiss, wierd sounding vocals or have low track volumes. great show overall, one of my favs
-chris (11/02/2008)

i take that back, the serafin version is mono sounding, the DANKSEED version is the best one and sounds way more stereo, get the serafin version if you want the stage banter though because there is some funny banter in this show. "we have a lost kid named matthew and his mothers name is nancy, hes at the hippo but i dont know where that is". hahaah. i wonder if matthew ever heard this show, he was there but he was only a little boy at the time. check out the last banter at the end of the show.
-chris (12/31/2008)

this is an amazing show! I looked it up online after I played my dad's old tape of it, and realized there was so much greatness beyond what the tape had. made me fall in love with Bird Song more than ever
-mark (06/18/2009)

Eighteen years old, had just hiked acrossed the Kalmiopsis Wilderness with three other friends then hitched north.
Surreal, spooky, hot, they were my band from then on. Could not have a conversation for two years with out bringing Veneta up. One friend of mine, the one who had the acid never dropped again due to that show. Scared him so bad!!!
What a wonderful afternoon!!
-Ebo Tebo (07/10/2009)

Check out the photo of this show in the High Street Brewery in Eugene, tis a classic.
The Renaissance Faire was actually held across the highway back then, but the Oregon Country Fair still thrives today as one of the happiest places on earth.
- (10/04/2009)

If only I had a time machine...
Love this show. You can almost hear the heat in the sound. oozing, tripping. If I could have only one show to keep this may be the one.
-D (02/02/2011)

This show is overrated. It's a great show, but 1972 is consistently great from beginning to end. To say that this particular show stands sooooo far above all the other post-Europe 72 shows is simply absurd. It's a case of lots of people repeating what has become a conventional opinion. Like 5-8-77. Think for yourself cuz I won't be there with you.
- (05/07/2011)

Hey Nietzsche, only a nihilist would think this show is overrated. 2nd set alone has imo 3 likely all-time versions, playin', birdsong and GSET. Plus the stage announcements, with the MC stuttering about the water truck and his messenger boy Durango, it all just contributes to the surreal atmosphere. I always come back to this one when i want to get my brain melted, never fails. Check out Sunshine Daydream on youtube. The venue crew was totally paranoid about the water situation, funny to hear the walkie-talkie chatter. yeah they were dosed for sure.
-vologases (09/02/2011)

If anyone would be so kind as to send me this show on CD...I would love to hear it again..I gave away my old copy to a Dead Head who fixed my plumbing..he had never heard it. I thought I still had it on my computer but I was would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
- (09/05/2011)

PLEASE EMAIL ME THIS SHOW, for the love of
good old grateful dead and everything holy in life, PLEASE!
- (11/01/2011)

Best Clementine>Pride of Cucamonga I've ever heard!
-Anonymous (11/21/2011)

Keith what the hell?! Where's that 20 dollars you "borrowed" from me at the Hollywood Bowl in '72? "Hey I'll pay you back tomorrow" my ass.

P.S. you gotta head like a dolphin.
- (02/08/2012)

I wish the DVD of this would be released!
-Anonymous (03/14/2012)

jerry on guitar, say something naysasyers...
-1x1 (04/13/2012)

naysayers, that is
-1x1 (04/13/2012)

- (11/15/2012)

Another word in support of Gretest Story from this show: if I had to choose only five minutes of Grateful Dead, it would probably be these.
-GC (12/10/2012)

if there's ever an idiot to overrate this show, they're totally missing the point about what the Grateful Dead is about. This show is absolutely ridiculous and represents everything good that can be achieved through music. The music melts with a vibe that other shows simply just don't have, if you can't recognize the differences from this show with others played during this era, I feel extremely bad for you.

5/5 for playing, recording, and the atmosphere
-Ben (02/01/2013)

Dark Star > El Paso? Now that's just silly.
-Dave (03/13/2013)

Back in December, I called this show overrated. Wow! My head must have been somewhere else because this show is fucking nuts.

I think I often hear people talking about how amazing a show or a song is and I have a tendency to think it's not so great or for some reason I'm expecting to hear something and don't quite hear it. Then I listen to it a few months or so later and I come to love it.

Maybe someday I can come to really love Sgt. Pepper.

Second note: Bobby should've sang "Everybody's dancing at the local creamery."

-Ryan (04/11/2013)

Finally seeing it's official release on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, vinyl.
-Billy Bob (08/01/2013)

This official released version is excellent! The DVD picture quality surpasses all other bootleg versions I had - hey, the film has been restored, color corrected, etc. The CD's are shorter than the circulating copy I have. Off-hand, I think its the Serrafin version, it has some banter AFTER the OMSN encore. This official release DOES NOT have any stage banter after OMSN. Also the dog barking at the beginning of Dark Star has been mixed out, which is an early signature of this Dark Star, and it was always fun to listen to. I guess I will have to keep my current cirulating bootleg copy, my copy of "Field Trip ..." CD set (Silver Rarities SIRA 64/65/66) The DVD blows away all the ciculating copies of the bootleg video, and probably the Blu-Ray does the same, also. This release probably satisfies most, but some others will be disappointed with it. I have the exclusive limited edition DVD from, but perhaps I should buy the Blu-Ray edition before it sells out. Overall, I am very pleased with this official release.
- (09/24/2013)

One of the great ones alright. But, the best? What is the very best ice cream you have ever tasted?Maybe the one you just ate.
The best band ever? Well, for me, yes by ten thousand miles.

- (12/25/2013)

Brilliant. I wish they would release DVD's of shows more often. Because, unlike audience tapes and soundboards, which are everywhere, videos are few and far between and usually terrible quality. So i'm glad someone remastered this show for people to enjoy. Still am against "Official Releases", but a DVD is completely different, because it's not readily available and releasing it won't take away an opportunity for someone to check it out with out having to spend on money on something they may not nessicarily like.
So hooray for Video releases, screw CD releases.
-Murphy (04/08/2014)

Screw Cd releases? I will take the official releases thank you. They always sound much better than any sbd's that have been in circulation. If you cannot hear the difference you have a shitty system. And stop being so cheap. Anyway the show is amazing and I thank the powers that be for getting us this huge upgrade in sound after listening to the sbd after all these years.

-rmd (04/09/2014)

I'm an audio engineer, my system is made so that it will sound good on your home stereo. So i think i know what i'm talking about. i mix the audience tapes and have started making Matrix recordings out of AUD and SBDs, which make your official release sound like what it is, a waste of your money. I'm not being cheap, your being lazy and if you actually read anything i said you would have known that.

Buying something that is widely available for free makes you a chump. You can defend your ego all you want by calling me cheap, but in the end, i'm the one with a dank quality recording of almost every show ever recorded and i still have my money to spend on better mixing equipment.

I also clearly stated i like DVD releases, which are official releases, cause it isn't available in usable quality for free. Very few people videotaped shows, everyone and their mother recorded em though, so a DVD that has been mixed and mastered professionally is well worth my money and time. A "remastered" sound Board recording with almost no Audience noise and more importantly, very little room ambience coming across is crap compared to the recordings i have, which will make you feel like your standing at the show. So your attitude makes me feel sorry for you and your wallet.

FYI - the whole point of the tapers section was so that the band wouldn't have to charge people for shows, cause the people would spread them around for free after recording them. So i'd rather reap the benefit of their work then pay some a**hole 25 bucks for something that lots of other people have done and gave away for free. Remember that this music belongs to everyone, and every generation should have the chance to hear it without having to pay a fee for entry to the promised land.
-Murphy (04/29/2014)

Murphy, like good for you, the Veneta CD release sounds fucking awesome ... not everyone is a fucking audio engineer, and you get cool stuff too with the official releases, artwork and essays and all those cd's look really cool stacked on a shelf ... you spend hours doing what you do and I'll spend hours rearranging CD's, sometimes chronologically, sometimes by series (Dick's Picks, Road Trips, Dave's Picks, etc.), money fuckin comes and goes, spending a little bread on the releases doesn't make somebody a "chump," jesus, what a dick ... and a roomful of friends can create ambience too when listening to the beautiful sound on the Sunshine Daydream release, right on rmd
-Barney the Purple Dinosaur (05/05/2014)

I understand where your coming from with your sentiment, your a consumer, you want to buy things so that you can see you have them. you even admited it, you like to organize the CD's, and that the cases look cool. thats your perogotive and i'm not here to change it, just to inform you that the company that releases these are just taking advantage of that mentality you have to make money off of you. There's a sucker born every minute and the people who pay for things you can get for free are included with that. People who can be convinced to buy things because of an attractive packaging are the kind of people my business teachers refer to as rubes or easy sells. Hence why i have no interest in changing your mind, your good for business.

And If you read my original comment, i didn't put anyone down, i just stated my opinion. rmd thought he would be cool and try and insult me, so i called him out on who he was, and if you want to try to insult me or anyone else who thinks like i do, then i'm gonna call you out for the gullible hipster your are.

It's also sad you don't realize how may people who traveled with the dead taught themselves to be engineers, soley to tape these shows and spread them around FOR FREE. As i said in my last post - "FYI - the whole point of the tapers section was so that the band wouldn't have to charge people for shows, cause the people would spread them around for free after recording them. So i'd rather reap the benefit of their work then pay some a**hole 25 bucks for something that lots of other people have done and gave away for free. Remember that this music belongs to everyone, and every generation should have the chance to hear it without having to pay a fee for entry to the promised land."
-Murphy (05/06/2014)

maybe you should first learn the difference between "you're" and "your" ... secondly I've stolen plenty of CD's over the years ... I certainly wasn't gonna pay for all the beatles cd's again when they remastered them a few years ago, so I swiped them all over the course of a few weeks, no money spent ... I appreciate the fact you and many others developed that skill but times change, many people turning onto the Dead are younger and perhaps never saw them or were not of the era where people did taping/recording, so you don't have to be some mindless consumer to appreciate the official releases, I do think artwork and pristine sound is more than mere artifice, it adds to my enjoyment of the music and the whole experience of being into the Dead as it does for many others, obviously we live in a capitalist society but I don't think David Lemieux is an asshole or any of the people associated with these releases, I think he seems like a pretty cool dude even though prices and profits are naturally part of the game ... and congratulations on the business degree, I have degrees too (yes, plural) but they're pretty much meaningless dontcha think? College degrees are like CD's, consumer products ... colleges lure people with advertising, promises of "success" if only you complete these really expensive overpriced degree programs ... it's hard to escape consumerism in America, we make choices and do the best we can ... as consumer items go I'll take Dead cd's ... peace
-Barney the Purple Dinosaur (05/06/2014)

Most College Degree's are the equivelant of a High School Diploma now. The only reason i'm taking the Business degree is because it's at a school with 3 full Studios, which if i graduate, i have unlimited access to for life, so i've been gettin a glipse into how the capitolist mind works. I'm not a socialist by any means, nor am i a communist. However, it is disgusting how they teach blatant manipulation tactics and essentially train their students to lie for profit while preaching good morality. i tend to get very easily frustrated with people who fall into this trap, but clearly i misjudged you. i dig the fact you have some five finger discount skills. maybe there is hope for humanity.
i guess i've gotten so used to the culture of the tapers that i have disregarded all other means. it's hard to keep the same happy mindset when you know all the tatics used. kudos on the "degrees", i can totally see where your coming from with your sentiment. Most people who attend college just waste four years of their life "learning" instead of working at what they want to do.

Either way, this whol conversation took an unneccisarily agressive, and for that i'm sorry. this world just really gets to me sometimes, with all it's petty self interest and power shifts. Like Bobby said in Samson, "If I had my way, i'd tear this whole building down."

Peace brotha, stay mellow.
-Murphy (05/08/2014)

Murphy wouldnt have spent a dime on tickets when the Dead was still around. If everybody was like Murph musicians would be broke and would have to go be plumbers or something. This show is a tad overrated but it's still '72 Dead so you cant go wrong.

-Stagger lee (12/10/2015)

This show has its moments in each set.The rollercoaster has whoopdees n twists n a loop.But didnt make me scream like a lil girl.Were they best in 72 77 or 95?Survey says Banshee cries are not acceptable by judges.Beyond that there is eras.The Arista yrs Brent time Hornsby visit.Embrace it all.
- (03/04/2016)

Jerry's play on the jam in Playing is top notch - the whole reason to get the show. Also, as stated by another reviewer, the Dark Star is stellar too, but not nearly as tight as Playing.
- (11/15/2016)

Hear some of your favorite shows in their entirety at
- (11/16/2017)

For what it's worth (and it IS worth noting) this is the best Promised Land they ever played.
- (01/23/2018)

Murphy is a pretentious prick. 'Nuff said.
-Gdjake (06/30/2018)

Okay okay I'm mostly kidding. Mostly. ;)
-Gdjake (06/30/2018)

This show isn't over rated. It just has a special something not everyone gets. Everyone probably can admit this is a pretty darn good show, but maybe you can't get to "best ever". No worries.
This was one of my first boots. I came across a third or fourth gen soundboard in the early 90's.
The show takes place on a piece of land that has brought me untold joy and adventure through my life, although I was but one year old when this show happened.
Can't tell you why exactly this is one of my favorite shows. The band never seems to hurry. There is a feeling that says "home" in the playing. And it happens to be my home state. So for me: one of the best shows ever. It's ok if not for you.
- (07/20/2019)

Sunshine Daydream

Disc 1

Introduction 4:01
Promised Land 3:24
Sugaree 7:30
Me and My Uncle 3:16
Deal 4:55
Black-Throated Wind 7:01
China Cat Sunflower 7:58
I Know You Rider 7:03
Mexicali Blues 3:49
Bertha 5:59

Disc 2

Playing in the Band 19:57
He's Gone 9:32
Jack Straw 5:06
Bird Song 13:17
Greatest Story Ever Told 5:36

Disc 3

Dark Star 31:28
El Paso 5:04
Sing Me Back Home 10:51
Sugar Magnolia 8:45
Casey Jones 6:25
One More Saturday Night 5:03

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

Yes great show but on everyone rates the songs the best ever. SMH
-Kdead (08/20/2020)

pick up a copy of Sunshine Daydream & you will placed as a top rate...

iko iko on & oon.. tyedyetom
- (08/20/2020)

... thank you Sirius for playing 8/27/1972 @ Veneta on a hot hot 100 degree day today...

IKO IKO on & on ......
- (09/13/2020)

Great show but the freak with the creosote splinters in his nut sack makes the video nearly unwatchable
-Anonymous (11/30/2021)

-Amy (02/26/2022)

Big middle finger to all of you on Headyversion calling this Sugaree overrated.
-Will (03/09/2022)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
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