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Bickershaw Festival - Wigan, England

Set 1:
Mr. Charlie
Beat It On Down The Line
He's Gone
Chinatown Shuffle
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Black Throated Wind
Next Time You See Me
Playin' In The Band
Tennessee Jed
Good Lovin'
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Greatest Story Ever Told
Big Boss Man
Ramble On Rose
Jack Straw
Dark Star
The Other One
Sing Me Back Home
Sugar Magnolia
Turn On Your Love Light
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away

One More Saturday Night

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One of the BEST Playin's ever... Jazzy and down right Groooovey!!

Sing Me Back home quite soulful.


Got a chance to have a 2nd listen to this one on 11.7.06. 1st Set is AUD. Donna has a collasal tear you ears out screanin Playin'

my birthday, the first day of my life they actually sing happy birthday to one of the drummers wow when i heard that i was blown away hearing jerry sing happy birthday
-roy ventura (03/04/2008)

Greatest-Excellent lyrics and fat chords/solo's by Jerry. Wah Wah peddle in full effect. One of my favorite Bobby songs.
-Brianmerrilyn (06/25/2008)

a head in need, this show is so awesome, i bought "steppin out" for this show alone but there is tons of good material on that release. if anyone has this show and is willing to trade please email me, i need the rest of this show bad. thanks
-chris (01/25/2009)

dyin to get my hands on a copy of this show. all help greatly appreciated. have lots of stuff to trade
- (03/05/2009)


-Anonymous (06/02/2009)

The best good lovin ive heard pig is god and god is smokin
-Stagger lee (06/28/2009)

I had seen their first UK concert, so I was not going to miss this one. About 8 of us traveled up in a Transit van. Just after the set started, the van driver said "its time to go home, they are not very good are they" with utter disbelief we were facing the prospect of missing this set. One of our team was missing and the driver said "When we have found him we will go home" He went of to look for him.
We all thoroughly searched the 2 foot around us, desided he wasn't there and settled down to enjoy the whole of what was an amazing set. Not very good are they? Whats he like?
- (04/01/2011)

Dark Star 19:49
Drums 2:24
The Other One 30:27

Officially released on Europe '72 VOL.2
- (11/13/2012)

I believe this is Elvis Costello's first show as described in the liner notes for his contribution on "Deadicated" tribute album.
- (06/08/2013)

Pigpen gets down right raunchy in this GL. He's just Takin every line he sings to that level of nastyness that he was oh so good at.
-Anonymous (04/29/2015)

As arranged on the official release:

Disc 1

Truckin' 10:57
Sugaree 7:29
Mr. Charlie 4:16
Beat It On Down the Line 4:03
He's Gone 7:39
Chinatown Shuffle 3:22
China Cat Sunflower 5:57
I Know You Rider 5:57
Black-Throated Wind 5:59
Next Time You See Me 5:54
Happy Birthday to You 0:31

Disc 2

Playing in the Band 11:36
Tennessee Jed 7:43
Good Lovin' 20:01
Casey Jones 6:43
Greatest Story Ever Told 7:50
Big Boss Man 6:26
Ramble On Rose 6:59
Jack Straw 4:59

Disc 3

Dark Star 19:49
Drums 2:24
The Other One 30:34
Sing Me Back Home 11:27

Disc 4

Sugar Magnolia 9:22
Turn On Your Lovelight 13:02
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad 8:55
Not Fade Away 4:21
One More Saturday Night 5:03

-Bookkeeper (12/20/2018)

One of only 7 shows where Dark Star, The Other One and Playing in the Band were all plater
-Snow the jam man (07/30/2019)

Canít find a ride like that no more...
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (08/14/2019)

My favorite show from the tour. Getting a Playin', Dark Star>Other One and a Lovelight make for a pretty special show
-Anonymous (02/25/2023)

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Band Configuration
(03/25/72 - 06/17/72)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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