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Hollywood Palladium - Hollywood, CA

Set 1:
Playin' In The Band
Mr. Charlie
Cumberland Blues
Brokedown Palace
Me And Bobby McGee
Hard To Handle
Casey Jones

Set 2:
St. Stephen
The Other One
Me And My Uncle
The Other One
Sugar Magnolia
Morning Dew
Turn On Your Love Light

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My Birthday!

the most rockin' version of Hard to Handle

this show rocks

I am interested in finding a copy, cd or tape, of this show. If anyone has a copy to trade, I have plenty of Dead and other bands to trade. Thank you.

Yo carey. I've heard a lot of people make that same comment. All I can say is listen to 4/28/71. THAT'S the most rockin' version.

One of the most fantastic auds out there!

AWESOME. i have this on cd to trade. if you're interested, email

this show is the rocker of all rockers and is available at GET IT

The debate over whether the Hard To Handle from this show or the one from 4-28-71 is the better version perfectly illustrates the inherent differences between SBD and AUD recordings. If we based the question on a SBD recording of this show and an AUD recording of 4-28-71, the whole equation would be different. 8-6-71 and 4-28-71, taken together, make a very good case for the respective virtues of both SBD and AUD recordings. (This HTH barely edges out 4-28-71, IMHO.)

This show is one of the best from the earlier days, and we know there were a lot of great ones in the early '70s. This one is right up there. Everything they do is awesome, in particular this St. Stephen sends chills up my spine.

besides being one of the great shows, it was at this show that I crossed over into deadheaddom. I'd seen the boys once in 69 (fillmore east) and several times in 70 around NYC. These 2 nites were my first CA shows, complete with trips being dispensed to everyone as you walked in the door. (you could buy tickets at the door in those days, too) After being weirded out by the Medicine Ball Caravan folks between sets I was feeling a bit lost, when Jerry looked my way from the stage and let loose with st stephen. I was hooked and have been ever since!

yea, it fuckin rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over an hour of this awesome show is to be released on Dick's Picks 35. Here's a pretty flattering story about this that I received in the GD Monthly email:

The Legend of the Houseboat Tapes .... Late in the summer of 1971, just before Keith Godchaux began rehearsals with the Dead, Garcia handed him a big box of tapes and said, "Here, this is our most recent tour. Learn our music." It's doubtful he ever listened to them ­ his ability to play Dead music was pretty much on the natch. In any case, he left the tapes on his parents' houseboat in Alameda, and there they stayed. For 35 years.
A month ago, his brother Brian and son Zion were cleaning out the houseboat, found the tapes, and gave them to Donna Jean, whose jaw dropped. One call to Lemieux later, and the Dead's long-lost missing tour from the summer of 1971 had resurfaced. Dick's Picks #35 will be four CDs: the complete San Diego (8/7/71) show, all that was salvageable of the 8/24 Chicago show, and an hour-plus from the Hollywood Bowl (8/6).

This show is insane. One of the best AUDs I've heard. The band is on fire, and so is the crowd. Wish I'd been there.

Bertha-Phil makes this one of the thickest and best version ever! Jerry's licks crack like dry wood on the fire throughout the song. Listening to later versions proves that in spades.

Morning Dew-Almost as good as 4.29.71

There are no words to be written or said that will prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that "Hard to Handle" will take you on. WHOLY COW FOLKS! This is the stuff of Grateful Dead dreams!!!
-AC Dead Head (03/17/2008)

So let's see, Workingman's Dead comes out the summer of '70 and by summer '71 the crowd is singing every word of Casey Jones like it was an aged classic.

Those crazy deadheads.
- (05/02/2008)

I have heard a lot of other ones but the transition of this one into Uncle is inspired!
-BH (08/30/2008)

The jam out of Uncle contains a WRS tease by Bobby. The high quality AUD is available at Archive.
- (09/08/2008)

Truckin' >
Drums >
The Other One >
Me & My Uncle >
The Other One

Hot jams and segues. Jerry is ripping fire in The Other One. As fz said earlier, there is definitely a WRS tease in the jam out of Uncle.

Barely controlled intensity is the hallmark of this hot show. See Bertha and Hard to Handle for other examples.

If you dig AUDs, behold your grail.
-Ed (05/19/2009)

Do any of you crunch/Deadheads out there know of a program that could map the notes of the HTH solo? To see that thing as written score, especially to have it scroll along as the music plays, would be really amazing.
- (08/15/2009)

I would have to say this Hard to Handle is my favorite but let's not forget the super trippy one on Bear's Choice! I think that one was better that the 4/71 Fillmore shows. There are rumors that Jerry dropped to his knees at the peak of his solo, I am inclined to believe that. JUST LISTEN!
-Andrew (08/29/2009)

Is this the Bertha on SkullFuck?
-Anonymous (07/01/2011)

As i've said elsewhere, there are many who recognize the quintet in the space between mickey & keith was the tightest, most vibrant and committed lineup of the entire 30-year voyage.

Peace, pals.
-DobbsBaby (10/03/2011)

Bobby- "You down there with the microphone, if you want to get a good recording, you gotta move back about 40 feet"
Phil- "yeah it sounds a lot better back there"
One of the best sound bytes ever! Next to "have your tickets ready- have your tickets ready- there are 2 doors"
Have a grateful day!

-Hipfan99 (02/05/2014)

Still primal. Tight, like the skin of Billy's snare. There never was and there never again will be the kind of guitar interplay as between the three of them here. Bass as melody, rhythm as leading, single note lead above it all. The beginning of the band's best decade, at the height of their songwriting, chops and inquisitiveness. No contest. The best American band in the land. Then and now.
-BlaiseHaze (03/29/2017)

AUD tape is killer, show is pretty much flawless. As others note, the 5 man lineup was aggressive, sturdy, and fearless. WRS prelude shows up sometime after the Other One. Dew is exceedingly well done, with Jerry getting the crowd nice and quiet before “I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.”
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (04/13/2019)

Road Trips Volume 1 Number 3

Bonus Disc

Bertha 7:04
Mr. Charlie 3:57
Cumberland Blues 5:50
Brokedown Palace 5:39
Hard To Handle 8:20

Dick's Picks 35

Disc 4

The Other One 8:06
Me and My Uncle 3:14
The Other One 6:25
Deal 5:48
Sugar Magnolia 7:01
Morning Dew 11:29
Turn On Your Lovelight 25:42

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

Driving that train
High on cocaine

-God Fernandez (04/24/2021)

4/29/71 best HTH.
-Chris (08/06/2021)

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Band Configuration
(02/19/71 - 08/26/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann

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