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Yale Bowl, Yale University - New Haven, CT

Set 1:
Mr. Charlie
Mama Tried
Big Railroad Blues
Hard To Handle
Playin' In The Band
Dark Star
Bird Song
El Paso
Me And Bobby McGee

Set 2:
Big Boss Man
Me And My Uncle
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Sing Me Back Home
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Darkness Jam
Not Fade Away

Uncle John's Band
Johnny B. Goode

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if anyone has this show, please email me. ive gone to the yale bowl every year since i was 3.......i think it woiuld be enat to have this show.

My first Dead concert, and my memories are quite vivid. Hundreds of fans rushed the stage when Pigpen began "Hard to Handle;" by the end of the show, people were dancing on the field, sitting on the edge of the stage, and just hanging around. My brother slapped my hand when I reached for Jerry's beer can.

Went with a friend who was also into the dead. They blew the place away on Sugar Magnolia. All he could say was, "So that's why everyone likes that song."

Sugaree-1st of 358
Mr. Charlie-1st of 48
Dark Star-Perfectly Cosmic.

Darkness Jam-last of 4 performances.

Tape skips from Darkstar to NFA>GDTRFB>Darkness>NFA

E: UJB-Splendid.

-Perrinswolf (06/18/2008)

Get the latest Road Trips Vol 1, No. 3. There's a good chunk of the show on there.
-jr (07/04/2008)

if anyone has this on SBD please email me, i can only find muddy audience recordings and i have the new road trips but there is so much great music that was left off it. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated
- (01/23/2009)

Sugaree-1st of 358
Mr. Charlie-1st of 48

and of course not included on Road trips vol. 1 #3.
-Anonymous (02/18/2009)

This was also my first live Dead show....and anyone who was there should remember two distinct features of the evening. The first was the electric cool aid stations set up outside the stadium and the piles of paper dixie cups stacked at the door before you walked into the stadium. The second item was half way through Dark Star (could have been the space music) Garcia stopped the band and pointed to a half moon hanging in the evening sky and said "just think...right now there are men sleeping on THAT!!" It was the second or third moon landing and the astronauts were indeed "sleeping"on the moon. The crowd emptied onto the empty grass field which the police had tried all night to keep free of Dead heads.....a loosing proposition by that point. Finding my friends and getting everybody home safely to Longmeadow took all night....but what a night it was!!!!
- (05/03/2009)

This was my good old buddy Al's first show as well. He raved about it over and over...RIP Al, still miss you...

-Bossgobbler (02/17/2013)

Best show of 71?
-80s head (01/31/2014)

Premieres of Sugaree and Mr. Charlie plus a Playin’ in the Band>Dark Star>Bird Song combo and one of the best Sing Me Back Home’s you’ll ever hear.
-Anonymous (04/08/2019)

Road Trips Volume 1 Number 3

Disc 1

Big Railroad Blues 4:46
Hard To Handle 7:54
Me and Bobby McGee 6:22
Dark Star 22:48
Bird Song 7:59
Not Fade Away 4:44
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad 9:24
Not Fade Away 3:13
Uncle John's Band 6:39
Johnny B. Goode 3:52

Bonus Disc

Sing Me Back Home 9:33
Big Boss Man 6:26

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

Last Mama Tried till 74. Why?
-Anonymous (10/01/2019)

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Band Configuration
(02/19/71 - 08/26/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann

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