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Dillon Gym, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ

Set 1:
Big Railroad Blues
Big Boss Man
Bird Song
Playin' In The Band
Hard To Handle
Mama Tried
Casey Jones
Sugar Magnolia

Set 2:
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
Me And Bobby McGee
Beat It On Down The Line
I'm A King Bee
Sing Me Back Home
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Turn On Your Love Light

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This show is Pigpen at his best!!..If you want to know what classic Pigpen was, check this show out!!!

this is the very first dead bootleg i heard. WOW!

The good lovin> buck and a quater rap> good lovin will never ever leave me

Perfection in the Pig

"Good Lovin'" is Pigpen's greatest performance ever. The rest of the show is solid, if unspectacular.

They just put out a new CD, the shows closing the Fillmore east. The Good Lovin> BAAQ rap are a lame, watered down version of this night at Dillon Gym.

Too bad they could've have put this one in as a filler.
-jds (10/15/2007)

This was a great show... Firast ever Dead show for me... long time ago, riding that train.....
- (04/13/2009)

I agree that the Pigpen rap at the Princeton show is better than the one at the Fillmore East show a few weeks later that was released as "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Grateful Dead." However, there's good aspects to that rap. For instance, you can tell Pig has honed his rap a bit and his dialogue with the pimp has been extended and gotten funnier ("Are you a refrigerator repairman?" "Why, you got a refrig?" "No, I was just askin'." The big difference is the Princeton it's the classic "brooklyn bridge," the selling of which to rubes is part of American mythology and its double meaning as referring to the hefty size of the prostitute in question (which was never a problem with Pigpen anyway!). In the Fillmore East version instead of the Bridge, the punch line is "she looks like a jersey cow," which is not as good as brooklyn bridge, but is still funny as hell.

Also, the boys really jam some uplifting and melodic (not really bluesy) stuff behind Pig during the Princeton rap which makes it feel both dirty and sacred (love is both) at the same time. The cool thing about the Fillmore East version is that the band jams on this theme in between Pig's rap, so we get to hear it more.

I still prefer the Princeton version, but I also like the Fillmore East one. There's a few more that out there too that develop the story in various Good Lovin's and Lovelights throughout spring of 1971.

I also like 9-19-70 at Fillmore East, the night Hendrix died, and Pig says something like, "Don't worry 'bout nothin', just turn to the lady next to you and say, 'Let's fuck.'" Upon which the audience squeals and claps and Bobby says clearly into the mic: "Pigpen, did you just say 'fuck'"? And Pig screams, "I said FUCK!" And he yells it again at the end of the song. YAY for Pigpen!!!
-Pappy Rob (04/23/2010)

I worked out in this gym for years when I lived in Princeton. I could never get over the fact they played this venue. My personal favorite for a lot reasons.
-80s head (06/06/2013)

This was my first Dead Show - I was a sophomore in High School. So much fun UNTIL...I feeling really bad with awful stomach cramps. I was doubled over in pain, but they were playing LOVELIGHT, and a wonderful version at that. I made it through the end of the show, staggered out, and ran into my angry father as I was supposed to be home about 3 hours ago.

Turns out I was having an appendicitis attack, and it ruptured the next morning. I almost died at my first Dead show - but I made it till the end of Lovelight dammit.

- (11/28/2015)

Indeed, outstaaaaaaanding renditions of Pig's Good Lovin' and Lovelight !
- (06/01/2016)

Best Dead show ever.

Pig even bothers to play the organ a bit and I think that is just swell.
-Anonymous (05/13/2019)

Better living thru the Pig.
-Anonymous (06/07/2019)

Wow. The king bee might be the best thing ever.......
-Anonymous (04/25/2020)

Every song is the gold standard. I always come back to this one. It never fades for me.
-Anonymous (01/20/2021)

sick drums! thought mickey's hiatus began a few months prior?
- (05/15/2021)

after another listen, i guess that's just bill tearing it up!
- (05/16/2021)

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Band Configuration
(02/19/71 - 08/26/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann

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