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Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY

Set 1:
It Hurts Me Too
Greatest Story Ever Told
Johnny B. Goode
Mama Tried
Hard To Handle
Dark Star
Wharf Rat
Dark Star
Me And My Uncle

Set 2:
Casey Jones
Playin' In The Band
Me And Bobby McGee
Big Boss Man
Sugar Magnolia
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away
Uncle John's Band

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This show is magnificent. 5 new songs, the most beautiful Dark Star in the first set, Saint Stephen and Uncle John's Band in the second. Wow.
This was my wife's first show; we were both there with our someone elses. They didn't get off on it but we both really did. Less than 2 months later we re-paired and remain so.

This show kickes my ass. so much new material. Mickys last show until "the last one" in 74 Micky wants to call Greatest Story The Pump song? The First Wharf Rat Sandwiched between one of my personal favorite dark stars. Powerful Dead.

First "Loser."

the song was originally called the pump song. they built the song around the rhythem that the pump made.

4 new songs not 5 i think you mistaken this to be the first jbg which was 9.6.69

you all suck keep the comments to yourselves idiots

I have all shows, wich are still available on, and this is devinitive my favourite of them all. Absolutely amazing.

dark star>wharf>dark star will leave you searching for your face as it melts off!!!! there's a pretty cool chinacat tease between wharf rat and the second dark star.
-Rohit Kesarwani

i have the tape to the second set. I digitized it and cleaned it up. anyone know where I can find the first set.

awesome show.

best, imcndbl

Greatest Story Ever Told was called The Pump Song on Mickey's 1st LP, Rolling Thunder. It was the sound of the pump at Mickey's ranch that gave hi mthe idead for the rhythm, co-written by Weir.

Bobby "how many people by a show of hands want the lights turned down?" Jerry "the lights are too low to see how many hands are raised.."

Wharf Rat-Haunting start to a classic song.

According to DeadBase, 5 songs were debuted on this night: Bertha, GSET, Loser, Playin', and Wharf Rat. 2nd time played for JBG - 1st was 9-7-69 at Family Dog at the Great Highway with Jerry on vocals.

It may be the first playin', but it is painful to listen to

Soon to be released as Three From The Vault on Rhino! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
-Terrapin Flyer (06/06/2007)

JBG-last played 9/7/69. In regular rotation till the end, 269 more performances.
Terrapin, the following night, without Mickey is the new release.
-Brianmerrilyn (06/19/2007)

Terrapin Flyer - "Soon to be released as Three From The Vault on Rhino! WOO HOO!"

This is the show the night before the one that was released as "Three from the Vault."

This show is from the 18th, whereas the 19th show is the Three from the Vault show...also a phenomenal show!

Both nights featured amazing new songs within sets.

- (12/16/2007)

The Dark Star > Wharf Rat > Dark Star kills me everytime.
Love this run of shows...
- (07/14/2008)

Whats there to be said that has not been voiced already? GET THIS SHOW! This is my fav set of shows all of the Capitiol in Feb of 71 are GREAT, awesome Bertha too!
-Steven (09/12/2009)

I thought I was there to enjoy the music not to woory about a set list
- (07/08/2011)

wow at first I read jack's comment as if he were saying his current wife's first show was back then and they both happened to go there but they were dating different people at the in back in 71 this guy didnt know his future wife was at the show...haha I was like aw thats cute now I see the actual wife is commenting too damn too crazy.

and all I was looking for was the first wharf rat. good comments im checkin this one out.

- (07/14/2011)

Did anyone notice the odd sounding keyboard that Pigpen must have been playing during this show? You can really hear it during Wharf Rat. It doesn't sound like his regular B-3 Organ.
-Andrew (08/19/2011)

I wish I'd have paid more attention at the time. My memory is not what it was, but I do recall Pigpen had his instrument repossessed shortly before, a bad effect of the departure of Lennie Hart with most of the band's money, which also led to his son Micky leaving the band for several years. Pigpen was probably on some other keyboard. I was in the front row of the balcony for this show, so it was a bit hard to notice the brand from so far. I failed to notice it at the time, but in retrospect, ought to have. Sorry.
- (12/23/2011)

That's Ned Lagin on keyboards. Not Pigpen.
-will (05/07/2013)

Cosmic Cowboy at its best! The DS>Wharf Rat>Beautiful Jam>DS>Me & My Uncle is worth a listen.
-80s head (01/24/2014)

Hell yes 80s head thats some serious shit happening there up in that Dark Star sammy. Always Grateful for the good stuff, thank you music!
- (01/31/2014)

Jack by "someone else" do you mean the mother of the two children you abandoned?
- (11/11/2015)

My 1st show. Traveled 150 miles from Philly with an unnamed lunatic at the wheel in what seemed like 20 minutes.
The ESP experiment was interesting.
Between sets they showed pictures on the screen and asked the audience to concentate on them. The thought waves were supposed to go to some monitoring lab in Manhattan I believe. Never heard about the results. But indeed, a mind altering experience for me.
- (01/25/2017)

Another great show from the Capital Theater with live debuts of Bertha, Greatest Story Ever Told, Loser, Johnny B. Goode and Wharf Rat plus a really good Dark Star.
-Anonymous (04/08/2019)

Opinions are like ass holes everyone has one
-Old School (03/28/2020)

well that's just your opinion, Old School.
- (09/09/2020)

No Sean it's a fact, everyone does have one....this is a GREAT show. See even I have one
-Old School (09/09/2020)

... thank you Sirius for playing 2/18/1971 Port Chester NY for us today on the Noon show ...

this Show is the bonus disc for the new re-mastered Working Mans Dead & American Beauty - 50th Anniversary Release >>> a MUST ORDER!

iko iko on & on ......
- (10/31/2020)

American Beauty 50th Anniversary

Disc 2

Bertha 6:20
Truckin' 9:14
Hurts Me Too 5:56
Loser 6:55
Greatest Story Ever Told 3:48
Johnny B. Goode 3:08
Mama Tried 3:22
Hard To Handle 9:14
Dark Star 7:02
Wharf Rat 7:24
Dark Star 7:21
Me and My Uncle 4:13

Disc 3

Casey Jones 7:38
Playing in the Band 6:11
Me and Bobby McGee 6:35
Candyman 7:59
Big Boss Man 5:42
Sugar Magnolia 7:12
St. Stephen 6:26
Not Fade Away 4:31
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad 5:03
Not Fade Away 4:00
Uncle John's Band 6:39

-Bookkeeper (11/02/2020)

As a few others have mentioned, the Dark Star>Wharf Rat> Dark Star sequence is the jewel of this show. Amazing that they could embed a brand new song into the heart of the Dead cosmos so effortlessly and beautifully. It seems so natural and a perfect fit, but surprisingly this is the only time Wharf Rat was sandwiched into Dark Star. In fact, Dark Star & Wharf Rat would only be played in the same show thirteen other times, and only a handful of times would the two be played back to back. That makes this performance entirely unique and special. The rest of the show is on par with other performances of this era, but the christening of Wharf Rat is a true and rare gem.
- (02/03/2021)

.....Appreciate Siruis for playing 2/18/1971 on the 7AM TIGDH ... GOOD LISTEING !

Set 2:
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away
Uncle John's Band
- (02/18/2022)

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Band Configuration
(01/25/70 - 02/18/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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