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Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY

Set 1:
Dire Wolf
Don't Ease Me In
Attics Of My Life
Friend Of The Devil
Let Me In
Uncle John's Band

Set 2:
Casey Jones
Black Peter
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
Mama Tried
High Time
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
Cosmic Charlie

New Minglewood Blues

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Eager to get a high qualiy copy of this show, digital or not. Thanks.

me too, goddammit!

This was my first GD concert. WOW! Talk about a change in consciousness! I walked into the Capitol sober...did not take any drugs...and walked out totally HIGH ...on the music! This show also included Jerry on pedal steel guitar with the NRPS. Beautiful tunes! Next was THE Electric Set. WOW AGAIN! Pig Pen walked out on stage wearing his cowboy hat, reminding me of a California miner during the Gold Rush of 1849! This was one tough guy who was THE BLUES! During the Electric set flames were coming out of the speakers on stage and cherry bombs were exploding on stage also!!!!! This was TOTAL ANARCHY !!! I LOVED IT !!!

Sorry folks but the previous comments were meant for the Late Show June 24,1970 !!!! electric starting with Not Fade Away !

by far the most incredible live music i have ever herd absolutely beautiful the crowd is vibin so hard off the dead and the dead are VIBING SO FUCKIN HARD OFF THE AUDIENCE....JERRY GARCIA FOREVER
-marty (01/02/2013)

-marty (01/02/2013)

Sorry Marty the right set list. I Transfered the tapes. TDK 120s. Recorded from center balcony by The Lee's!
-John Jay (04/03/2013)

Is The Other One from a different show? The transition from Cryptical and Drums into The Other One is really awkward.
-Kate Feather (08/27/2020)

This is the most confusing show I've ever heard. The version I have has the acoustic set with the "Let Me In" performance and the electric set beginning with the NFA-Easy Wind segue. If anyone can fill me in on what the actual setlist was, that would be greatly appreciated.
- (02/12/2022)

Hey William,
This is the first show of a two-show night. The NFA-Easy Wind is the start to the electric set of the second show (with the famous dark star sequence). New Riders sets for both shows too--a long night for sure!!
- (06/26/2023)

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Band Configuration
(01/25/70 - 02/18/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

Note: Band configuration is across specified time period. Configuration for particular show may have differed.

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