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Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Don't Ease Me In
Silver Threads
Friend Of The Devil
Cold Jordan
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Cumberland Blues
Me And My Uncle
New Speedway Boogie

Set 2:
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
The Eleven
Sugar Magnolia
Louie Louie Jam
It's A Man's World
Mama Tried
Sitting On Top Of The World
Cosmic Charlie
Casey Jones
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
The Frozen Logger

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This section is mislabeled:
"Cryptical Envelopment Drums
The Other One The Eleven"
It is actually
Cryptical Envelopment>
Drums> The Other One> Cryptical
Also, There is a "The Main Ten" Jam before Sugar Mag. This is probably the first performance of Sugar Magnolia.

Brent Mydland was awesome during this show.

are you serious? brent didnt join the dead til the late 70's. i think you're thinking of pigpen.

HAHAHA, brent didn't join till 79. what are u thinkin.. it went, pigpen, keith, brent, vince/bruce...

First, lets give Mr. Anonymous a break, second. Get this show. Pigpen's soul is ripping on It's a man's world" probably a one timer. it's a good one

get this show at great acoustic first set and second blistering electric second set jams....

no, let's not give him a break, he is an idiot. grateful dead rock....

Correction Nick the Dick, Tom Constantin was also on keys/piano for the dead from 66 or 67 to 68. He appears on Ladies and Gentlemen. Before you go making fun of people get your shit straight


Shut up, Constanten got no recognition. YOu don't know anything, fool.

Tom Constantin was definitly not in the band in 68 and more so Ladies and Gentlemen is from the Fillmore 71 - so maybe YOU should get your shit straight

TC is on ladies and gentelmen, but he only sat in for 2 tracks, DS and Stephen. and whoever said that TC was in the dead from 66-67 or 68, he was actually in the band in 69, look at dicks picks 16

i think you're all fucking gay and need to stop sitting on baseball bats

i agree, if one doesn't know, just inform! you dont need to be such assholes bout the subject. Yes all of you are correct and you should stop playing the genius game cause jerry is turning in his grave cause of u angry deadheads.

Why did the Dead stop playing The Eleven?

You guys, Brent was solid in this show. The anonymous emailer at the top got it right. He was great during Cold Jordan.

Yea, Brent got in a few good lick into that show. Brent was pretty good but he died doing too much coke.

In between Silver Threads and FOTD funny "dog smells banter" An early Candyman and one of this guys favorites
Main Ten jam instead of Louie Louie, the precursor to Playin'.
Sugar Mag-1st and it sounds it
Cosmic Charlie-Either Phil or Pig pen sing "hey babe" a few times.
Frozen Logger not on the tape.
End of era for many songs.

I cant believe this turned into a debate over who was on keys.

For the record:
(Hornsby was never an official member of the band, at least that is how he saw it)

This show is one great Dead piece of history! I love primal Dead as much as I love Spring of 90'.

Another thing for you all to argue over. The most played Dead song of all time.

Me and My Uncle

- (11/04/2008)

Nov. 23, 1968 Jan. 30, 1970 is when TC was active
-Anonymous (05/24/2010)

stop arging! it's solid show. it's all kinds of a fun time, all you wannabe smartasses get over yourselves. just enjoy the show.
-Dave (12/31/2010)

This show is great. Heard it on 'Today in GD History' driving home from my son's own concert.
-Cosmic Charlie (06/07/2011)

I believe that the original person who said that Brent was awesome this show was more than likely joking. So stop being pricks and loosen up a little. It is the Grateful Dead after all..
-Alex (07/19/2011)

Fact is, Brent Mydland was not a part of this show, tour, or anything Grateful Dead related until mid-1979. Just a fact.
- (09/26/2011)

Absolutely crazy that this is the last time they played Eleven....well for another 11 years when they played the VERY LAST one in 81. Man that is such an awesome jam.

Glad I got to see Furthur play it Amherst =]
Ah being a 21 year old fan, that's the very best I can get. Take what I can get
- (11/18/2011)

Man, I remember this show. We were surprised as hell to hear the first unbroken chain ever. It wasn't played again until 95.
-Anonymous (05/01/2013)

Don't know it is called a "Main Ten' jam. This is a primitive Playin jam, same chord structure.

Terrible Sugar Mags but a great show. Check out the "YIPPIE" freak out during drums, a cool piece of history.
-80s head (06/07/2013)

Onloy Hipsters take this band seriously. Even the boys didn't give a fuck after the 60's. Which is why it's so funny when people fall into the trap. WE ALL KNOW brent wasn't at this show, but it's hilarious how much of a tight ass some people are. IT'S A JOKE. But if you argue over a joke, you clearly need to get laid or something, too tightly wound for your own good.

and poor TC gets no love. Too band no one is talking about the great Pride of Cucamonga at this show.
-Murphy (12/16/2013)

I remember that Unbroken Chain! The crowd went nuts. They should have played it again before 1995. Also a great Pride of Cucamonga. First time the band played "Tons of Steel" until the 80's.

Did anyone hear Vince's epic solo in Blues for Allah?
-Anonymous (04/28/2014)

First of all, the original Brent comment was a joke. Then a buncha morons take it seriously and chaos ensues. The fact of the matter is that Bruce Hornsby was fucking great at this show as he was at every show during his stint with the Dead from 1968-1973. Pure, unadulterated fact. If Bob Weir hadn't died in 1995, I'm sure the Dead would still be going strong. At least Jerry and Pigpen still rock with Furthur.
-Larry Stanley Dubinski (05/02/2014)

This was my first GD show. Unfortunatley, I took too much LSD and recall little of the show. I do not remember Pigpen,and this was the only time I went to a show with him. I do remember the steel guitar player for NRPS being GREAT. Also, the plate of fries I bought never got any smaller, no matter how many of them I ate. Finally, I walked away from the Magic Fries.
- (11/23/2014)

Too the person who said Jerry was rolling in his grave. Jerry was cremated so get your shit straight lol
-Anonymous (11/02/2015)

How come no one has mentioned the awe inspiring Beer barrel polka. Come on folks... you're slackin
-Anonymous (06/07/2016)

1st sugar mag last 11
- (05/25/2017)

Whoever said Tom Constanten played keyboards for the Dead in '66 is a moron. He didn't join until November of '68.
-Will (12/22/2019)

WOW omg, you guys are all sooooo ignorant. brent mydland sat in and sang cold jordan!!! CANT YOU GUYS HEAR IT?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
-Miss Information (11/05/2020)

.. it is so good to see that Brent sat in with this 1970 tour. and the piano on Don't Ease Me In is ......SO, SO SO Brent ...
-Anonymous (02/17/2022)

It was Pigs birthday the boys asked him what he wanted.. he asked if he could invite some friends to help on Keys. On various tracks you can hear Pig, TC (on the triangle), Keith (piano), Brent (B3), Vince (slide guitar and cowbell) and Bruce (squeezebox). They all jammed together on the Blues for Allah > Will the Circle Be Unbroken encore.

I hope that clears things up.
-Fred (04/18/2023)

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Band Configuration
(01/25/70 - 02/18/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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