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Harpur College - Binghamton, NY

Set 1:
Don't Ease Me In
I Know You Rider
Friend Of The Devil
Dire Wolf
Beat It On Down The Line
Black Peter
Cumberland Blues
Deep Elem Blues
Cold Jordan
Uncle John's Band

Set 2:
St. Stephen
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
Cosmic Charlie
Casey Jones
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
Cold Rain And Snow
It's A Man's World
Dancin' In The Streets

Set 3:
Morning Dew
Viola Lee Blues
And We Bid You Goodnight

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NRPS opened this show and Jerry played pedal steel

Dick's Picks volume eight! A most excellent show!

Buy Dick's Pick's 8.

In my opinion, this show is the best that has been released on Dick's Picks. The acoustic 1st set is beyond excellent. The 2nd set features all-time great versions of St. Stephen, The Other One, and Cosmic Charlie. Awesome show. Really cool liner notes with the Dick's Picks release as well.

one of the most amazing Other Ones ever...the band is on fire. Also Viola Lee riiiips. Cool stage banter during the first set.

"i smell gun powder"....bobby during 'dire wolf' (i think)....what the hell was he talking about?????

check out the tighten up jam during dancin'...just sick
-matt left body jam

A chilling Morning Dew, right after Kent State must have resonated with the college crowd. Best line of the show "chill out man, we got you alll night long" by Jerry.

i just found this show in a tape collection from an ex-editor of unbroken chain magazine. excellent show!
- (08/26/2008)

we loved this show!!! on a cold wet southern tier night in a brand new gymnasium. deadheads converged from all corners, children played, hippies danced, frisbies flew and the hog farm(?) came of the day-glow buses to do their light shows (on overhead projectors with colored water)... as for the music..from the Riders thru the last song of the sizzled. the original bootleg was mono as a channel was the lost... i feel fortunate to have been there...and it has led to many others as the band plays on..
- (10/20/2008)

my all time favorite show. for me it just barely tops 2/27/69, 2/13/70, 8/6/71, 5/26/72. 9/21/72, 11/11/73, 8/6/74, 5/8/77, 6/9/77, 6/30/85, and 10/31/91. (my list of my favorite shows)
the acoustic set is beautiful, and it gets me everytime when after "Friend of the Devil" Jerry says, "Don't worry man, we've got you all night."
"The Other One" is out of this world, it doesn't sound to me like music that humans could make" and the opening to "Cosmic Charlie" is seismic. Pigpen is brilliant on "It's a Man's World" and "Dancing in the Street" contains some of the greatest improvisation I've ever heard, and "Viola Lee Blues" moves like a raging beast. This concert puts down any people who see the Dead as mellow flower hippies...this show is pretty heavy. amazing! (12/11/2009)

2 tragedies with Dick's Picks 8: St. Stephen missing beginning; no Cold Rain and Snow! Cold Rain and Snow must've added such beauty between the long jam songs. Run me out in the Cold Rain and Snow...Rain and Snooooo-oh-oh-ohohoh
-Anonymous (05/07/2011)

"I smell gunpowder" refers to the killing of the Dire Wolf. "The Dire Wolf collects his dues while the boys sing round the fire" = the Dire Wolf was brutally murdered by the drunken woodsman and they celebrated by continuing to drink around the fire
-Anonymous (05/07/2011)

I'm sorry for saying the thing about the Dire Wolf getting shot. That's not true, the Dire Wolf represents death and kills the guy. IDK why Bobby says the thing about gunpowder.
-Anonymous (05/16/2011)

Bobby was talking about smelling fireworks in the crowd
- (07/01/2012)

HAHAHA, i woulda thought fireworks was the obvious answer. I guess people were just thinkin too hard about it. This is seriously a great show if you are a fan of stage banter. They were just chillin and bullshittin between every song of the acoustic set. Gotta love it. The jams are outta this world too, not that it really has to be said.
-Anonymous (07/04/2012)

Just listened to this show again after a long time, and there is no doubt best Dancin' in the streets ever.
- (08/21/2012)

I remeber lots of people taking hits from what turned out to be spiked
jugs of wine as we entered.
- (09/18/2012)

The dire Wolf, IMHO, represents addiction, bondage, demons, short comings, and failures. Those things always haunt us and want to take us away from the things we love. We fight it off as hard as we can fight...
-ScottieR (10/12/2012) more thing. Not the best Dew, but definitely a bone chiller and up there with the top of them. I wouldn't deny those that argue for it as a top. I view as an excellent early Dew. A few later ones top this one, arguably, for sure. As the song matures over time (by '77) it rises and falls in intensity much more fluently and climaxes with much more intensity and accuracy.

I'd still put this one in the top ten, regardless. Not quite a '72 or '77 Dew; but a raw and exceptional early Dew nonetheless.
-ScottieR (10/12/2012)

Yo, Perrin, Kent State happened two days after this. May 4. So you could say that Dew was an Omen by the dead, beware of the coming firestorm.
-Murphy (11/06/2012)

Jerry's guitar in the other one is what started my love of the dead. So amazing!
- (01/02/2013)

Who speaks at the end of the show about being very tired and playing the Fillmore East?
-Anonymous (02/13/2013)

The voice at the end of the show is Sam Cutler, the band's tour manager.
-Anonymous (02/21/2013)

Call me crazy, but I need help. I had this show on tape years ago and it was a favourite and I listened it to death. But on my two tape set, their was an electric Uncle Johns Band Encore after And We Bid You Goodnight. Am I dreaming this? Was it an add on to the tape to fill space? I just assumed it was part of the show with a rocking acoustic and electric version at one of those crazy ass long shows. I mean from what I know the Riders filled in between both sets making this one long party of a night.

- (06/28/2013)

Can a guy who saw over a hundred shows between 81 and 95 somehow not "get" Viola Lee Blues until he heard this? Yes, that's what happens when you don't buy the studio albums. Mind-BLOWN.
- (03/12/2014)

Amazing show - possibly the most viscerally jaw-dropping 'Dick's Pick'. I love the fact that the infernal maelstrom that is "Viola Lee Blues" is followed by the spiritual "And We Bid You Goodnight". Kinda reminds me of how the Velvet Underground followed up 'White Light/White Heat' with the tranquil, spiritual 'The Velvet Underground'.
And yes, the improvisation halfway through "Dancin'" here is indescribably powerful. Great "The Other One", "Charlie", "Casey", excellent "Lovin'" and "Man's World", and a decent "Morning Dew".
Overall - a truly fiery, wonderfully consistent set. Wish we had a band today with even half the Dead's calibre.
- (04/08/2014)

Happy anniversary! Thank you for existing 5-2-70
-Grateful Fan (05/02/2014)

Listened again since it's around 5-2 ... it's just an amazing, amazing show
-Anonymous (05/03/2014)

This show and certain tracks from "Fallout from the Phil Zone" are pretty much what I love from the Dead ... and disc 3 from "Fillmore West 1969" ... Peace, love, Dead.
- (10/13/2014)

Got this on dicks picks #8 when I was a teenager. This and #4 were me first real introsuction to the power and greatness of the Dead live. Have never heard a better "viola lee" or "dancin" . And what a turn on the acustic set was! A whole other realm of the dead! Just increadable music that night.
-Anonymous (11/25/2016)

I find it fascinating that the casual listener overlooks the fan-fucking-tastic 2nd and 3rd sets for the 1st set. I'm not ripping on the acoustic set - it's one of my favorites (5/26/72 #1, 5/8/77 #2, 9/21/72 #1 are before it). My point is that the acoustic set is SO DAMN GOOD its unreal. Highly reccomned, 13/10
-Max (07/24/2018)

As arranged on Dick's Picks 8:

Disc 1

Don't Ease Me In 4:38
I Know You Rider 7:51
Friend of the Devil 5:59
Dire Wolf 4:56
Beat It On Down the Line 3:13
Black Peter 7:02
Candyman 1:43
Cumberland Blues 5:47
Deep Elem Blues 7:30
Cold Jordan 2:35
Uncle John's Band 6:28

Disc 2

St. Stephen 3:23
Cryptical Envelopment 1:55
Drums 3:28
The Other One 13:55
Cryptical Envelopment 8:59
Cosmic Charlie 7:23
Casey Jones 4:45
Good Lovin' 15:10

Disc 3

It's A Man's Man's Man's World 10:04
Dancing in the Street 15:42
Morning Dew 12:40
Viola Lee Blues 16:35
We Bid You Goodnight 4:59

-Bookkeeper (12/24/2018)

does anyone know why the cold rain and snow isn't on DP8?
-Anonymous (03/19/2019)

My first GD concert!!! (I was a student at Binghamton). It was certainly a life changing experience. My most vivid memory was the crowd going absolutely bonkers when they played Casey Jones. The New Riders were terrific as well. IMHO it still ranks as one of their best concerts.
- (04/04/2019)

Cold Rain and Snow is not on DP for obvious reasons, listen closely this is THE greatest Dead show ever because of the playing alone, it happens also to be an amazing, complete recording unlike many shows from this tour.

Now the Cold Rain, they are tuning up during the song, so it's not ummm necessarily fit for professional release despite its coolness...I've always wondered about the setlist because the tape cassette I had Cold Rain was actually the first song and there are cuts between the other songs, so Cold Rain is an unusual part of the set list so I've wondered if they didn't play it SO they could tune up as they were playing...that seems a bit odd, but it is the Grateful Dead...Harpur's forever!
- (07/06/2019)

Jerry's voice is sublime this night.
- (08/12/2019)

Talk about Cornell, the Creamery or what ever New Year's show being the best show ever. I Truly think this is. But then again opinions are like assholes every body got one
-Ray (10/07/2019)

I was 10 ->11 and only just weaning myself off of the Royal Guardsmen on to the Dead.
My camp counselors that Summer of 1970 were dedicated Dead Heads. They'd gone to this show, and as they had done at so many other ones with them, they brought their brand new Nakamichi 1/4" Reel-To-Reel tape machine to record the entire show. We listened this every single night that Summer at "Lights Out" time in our bunk.
I still have all of that witty, engaging stage banter memorized.
I went on to see over 200 Dead shows myself between 1973 and 1988 and although I physically wasn't at this watermark event, it'll always be my favorite Grateful Dead Concert of all time.
- (10/20/2019)

The one that transports me out of myself is "Cryptical Envelopment 2"
- (01/16/2020)

Not much to be said about this all time classic that has not already been said but Iíll add that Jerry absolutely shreds his solos after drums in the middle of Good Lovin. This is one for the time machine, no doubt about it.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (10/23/2020)

to the comment on 3/19/2019: Cold Rain and Snow was presumably left off DP Vol. 8 because everyone is so terribly out of tune. I have a copy of the show which includes it, and it's certainly a strange sounding thing but I like how they're actively tuning while playing the song. Considering how conscious the band was regarding poor sound (ex: Overdubbing many vocal and instrumental parts on Europe 72), and based on Dick Latvala's stories on how often the band veto'ed potential DP releases based on poor tuning or sound quality, it's no surprise they cut Cold Rain and Snow.
- (12/31/2020)

This is definitely one of the best shows of 1970. Thank god for Dicks Picks.
- (06/14/2021)

Left off opening JUMPIN JACK FLASH
- (10/11/2023)

I just listened to the soundboard that somebody uploaded to You Tube. It's true that they were still tuning during Cold Rain & Snow, but I still got something out of it. What comes across in this show and most of the earlier shows before they played big arenas is the banter with the audience. There's a lovely intimacy that unfortunately is not found later on.
- (12/06/2023)

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(01/25/70 - 02/18/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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