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York Farm - Poynette, WI

The setlist for this show is unknown. If you have a setlist for 1970-04-26, please add setlist or e-mail It.

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This was my 1st show. It was hotter than hell for an April. Local bands played in the late morning and I think New Riders played as well. The Dead came on late afternoon and played and played and played. We had a spot close to the stage and could see and hear very well. I read in the paper the next day it was the largest outdoor concert in Wisconsin up to that date. I have a ticket stub someplace and a handout flyer with the order that bands were going to play. It was dark when we left and I had to drive home to Milwuakee, since I was the only one able to -- I think.

It was unusually hot for April in Wisconsin. I had worked all night Saturday, but drove up from Chicago with my buds. The preceding acts seemed endless, including a then unknown, and we thought totally laughable, group called REO Speedwagon. When the Dead hit the stage in late afternoon we were surprised to see that Jerry had shaved his beard, since he had it when we were hanging with him in Hawaii that January. Later figured it must have had something to do with the bust in New Orleans. Anyway, they opened with Lovelight, which totally blew our minds, this usually being the closer. Where do they go from here? The Other One. Jerry had trouble getting his guitar going at the beginning, then when he did come in mid-piece he totally scorched it. The folks in the front lost control and became whirling dervishes. I could go on. I remember this show so well. At sunset they played Dark Star. Black Peter was also a standout. I saw many, many Dead shows, mostly in the 1969 to 1974 era and this was my favorite. I've never seen mention of a tape of this show, although I distinctly remember seeing the reels of the tape player turning around in the "sound tower" stage right. If anyone knows of a tape please get in touch.

I drove the car that Mr. Hogan (above review) rode in. What a day. Backstage thick with the smell of Patchouli, JG arrives late, rolls out of a limo, laughing hysterically. Warm-up band "Tongue" was asked for an encore and lead singer said incredulously, "You want to hear more of us when the Grateful Dead are next?" After second GD number, band asks audience if anyone has an I Ching. A book is passed forward but Bob says, "No, the grey book." That is produced, band kneels down together in center of stage, tosses coins, reads results, all rise laughing and hollering...launch into Other One. Phil in middle, Jerry to audience's far left, Bob on far right. During jam, playing lickety split, suddenly Jerry and Bob stride quickly to center, band starts playing double-time, world comes undone, Wavy Gravy sitting on top of bank of speakers to far left, facing audience, pointing thumb over shoulder at band, weaving ecstatically. Soon after, someone yells out a request, Jerry says, "Don't worry, we'll get to that, we'll get to everything." That they did. Driving home, I announce that, "Now I can die." Pal Jim concurs, though third passenger was a little uneasy about the ride back.

My husband went to this show - he was rhapsodizing about it today over lunch. He had also been at Woodstock and was saying how much it was like Woodstock on a smaller scale. If anyone has tapes of this show, I would love to get a copy!!! It would be a wonderful surprise for my wonderful husband!
- (05/22/2007)

I would like to thank Owsley for his generous contribution to that incredible show.
Sheets from the chopper blotting out the sun.
- (10/02/2008)

I'm writing an article about this festival and would love to hear from anyone who was there -- Thanks!
- (02/08/2009)

Hi, I'm looking for any and all articles from this festival such as ticket stubs,handbils,posters,maps,newspaper articles,pictures or your experiences if you were there. My family owns that property and my great grandmother Irene York was the owner then.
Thank You, Joe Smith

- (06/11/2009)

pics of the concert...
- (09/01/2009)

Aye folks buddy was there & am looking for a copy in any format.. He said it was a "trippy couple days" with broad smile.. Said GD played 4 hours.
- (11/30/2009)

found 43 minutes of a 4 hour show thanks to Ron at:
- (11/30/2009)

This event was called "Sound Storm"; a rock concert that took place at York Farm in Poynette, WI on April 24-26, 1970, featuring The Grateful Dead, Crow, Illinois Speed Press, Rotary Connection, Baby Huey & the Babysitters, and many other acts
-cb18201 (01/31/2011)

The whole story of this show, and the festival, is told in a `5-page article here:,50344

No tapes appear to have survived
-Michael Edmonds (02/04/2011)

The Poynette concert, my First Grateful Dead concert, loved this concert, best concert!
There is nothing I can say that can do this concert justice. The Dead played for nearly 6 hours!
Their show began at noon, they took one 15 minute break and played until about 6:00ish. the sun was going when they stopped playing.

Friday night we arrived, while waiting in a long line, they ran out of tickets; so they let us and the other thousands in for free.
The weather was amazingly warm, a week-end in March in the 70's and 80's. Everyone camped out.
Bands, virtual unknowns played throughout the night and all the next day and through the next night.
REO Speedwagon blasted us out of a deep sleep
at about 4:00 in the morning. It must have been REOs first gig, they were so off key.
By Sunday morning the music so far wasn't anything to write home about but we knew the Dead were going to play before long; and boy did theythey! In addition to their classics they played a 20-30 minute great rendition of Dancing In The Street, I recall dancing the whole afternoon right up front, and smiling with Jerry Garcia.
I would love to have a video, tape or anything of
this incredibly, fun, and spontaneous week-end.
Hats off to Grandma York for her generosity.
- (06/07/2014)

Oops, I guess that was April not March according to the previous posts. I do know they played for almost 6 hours.
- (06/07/2014)

I lived in that town back then my dad locked up the house so the bikers and hippies wouldn't get us!
- (02/29/2016)

I was there. Freshman at Whitewater. Lifechanging. Became a lifelong Deadhead after watching this gig. Only other performance I remember was Illinois Speed Press.

- (07/11/2018)

Taken Down

Just checked that Ron Stultz site that Mr. Alberty put up and it's not up there.
-Brother Fred (04/24/2021)

Wrong setlist.
-Mack (04/14/2022)

Does anybody have the tape or any recording?
- (02/04/2024)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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