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Kleinhans Music Hall - Buffalo, NY

Set 1:
Dark Star
Turn On Your Love Light

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I went and saw this show when I was a senior in high school - it was the first time I ever saw the Dead. They played these three songs and blew me away, then played along with Tilson Thomas and the Buffalo Philharmonic, sort of making electronic psychedelic noises along with the Orchestra.

I found a very interesting page from a local deadhead here in Buffalo that provides some insight into this incredible night. It was a whole lot more than them "making electronic noises along with the Orchestra". Check it out:
- (02/02/2010)

I was a senior in high school and went to this show too. I also remember that there was a laser light show that night which was pretty cool for Buffalo. I was thinking that Lukas Foss was the conductor, but you might be right.

- (04/18/2012)

Robert Hunter joined them on this tour. Wanted to write a "road song" - Truckin'-----(Dennis McNally's "Long Strange Trip")
-Mark (09/01/2012)

Hi Folks, I'm the conductor of this show's son (My father, Lukas Foss, died in 2009). The Buffalo News has recently reported on a reward being offered - $500 - which is kind of low (i'd say) by a radio personality, Micahael Caputo. When I read about it (the reward), I immediately offered another $500... which is still too low. I'm making a documentary film about my father and his musical world and would love to include some of this Dead/ Buffalo Phil audio and/or images... So... If anyone has anything or knows someone who does, please do get in touch with me. Many thanks! - Christopher Foss
- (02/27/2017)

I was a Junior at the University of Buffalo and attended this performance: magnetic! It was during the student strike and before the events in May (reaction to Kent State massacre). In the same month, if I am not mistaken, Michael Foucault) also spoke at the ? Knox Museum, Buffalo on Manet. Revolutionary times. He had friendsa at the University. For all you post-modernists there are photos of him horsing around on the campus. (Bruce Jackson, also interested in prisons -and course the Attica Prison tragedy happened in 1971 at the University -and I believe gave the student strike committee money). I haven't been back to Buffalo since 1973. It never did become the Berkeley of the East but for a evening we had West Coast magic in town.

- (05/20/2017)

I correct myself (well it was 47 years ago!). I was a sophomore....Carl
- (05/20/2017)

Hi ...Still looking for audio / film/ pics whatever - for this show! Reward is $1,200... I hope folks check their basements and attics! - cheers...If you find anything, please let me know:

- (05/31/2017)

Am upping the ante on this reward offered by myself and others. Reward is now $2K for any audio or audiovisual of the 3/17/1970 Dead/Buffalo Philharmonic concert led by my father, conductor, Lukas Foss. Check your basements and attics! It is one of the rarest of recordings if you have it.. Most Dead concerts / jam sessions were recorded or documented in some way... This one is an outlier - a potential amazing find!

- (12/04/2017)

Truckin up to Buffalo. For the first time.
- (06/05/2023)

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Band Configuration
(01/25/70 - 02/18/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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