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Ungano's Night Club - New York City, NY

Set 1:
Cold Rain And Snow
Beat It On Down The Line
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
Mama Tried
Black Peter
Hard To Handle
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
Casey Jones

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This Show Rocks!!

this is the early show on 2/13/70 at the filmore east, please correct it

As per dbtree:

Cold Rain
BIODTL(5 beats)
Good Lovin'>
Good Lovin'
Mama Tried->
Black Peter
Hard To Handle
Saint Stephen->
Casey Jones

oooh!! stephen>not fade away!!
- (04/23/2007)

Anonymous said: this is the early show on 2/13/70 at the filmore east, please correct it"

The Bear, who was the soundman for the Dead at this time, has said that there were no early shows at the Fillmore during this stand. This show is indeed Ungano's Night Club

- (08/11/2007)

This is indeed The Fillmore East.
You can here the hall on the tape.
It's a big place not a small club.
It sounds just like all of the other
Fillmore East shows from that time.
-Anonymous (08/19/2007)

powie --

i think the bear gets misunderstood on that statement. i think what he meant was -- there was only ONE ADMISSION. i.e. no "early" v. "late" show....

the more precise description is probably just "1st set".... perhaps followed by an NRPS set, or another band, or an acoustic dead set or what?

BTW? were you there? .... i didn't think so. don't go throwing around words like "indeed" when you are just regurgitating some generalized comment you read....

-Anonymous (08/11/2008)

Jerry's comments at the end of the early show suggest just that, no Ungano's.
-Bossgobbler (03/02/2009)

From Jay Serafin:
All of the information about this show was obtained/confirmed by my Marin County source. This person is as close to being "inside the organization itself" as anyone can be, and this person has NEVER given me bad or erroneous information for the past 5 years!

And what a show this is, too! It was actually an unannounced impromptu show in the middle of the Dead's Fillmore East run. The venue only held approximately 500 people, and it was a first-come, first-served show. Most of the seats were removed to allow some additional "SRO" concertgoers. The NYC Fire Department was on hand to enforce the "maximum number of patrons"
restrictions, just to play it safe.

"We" were lucky that the Dead's audio people brought along one of the spare 2-track RTR decks. "We" were also lucky from the standpoint of having a 95% hiss-free recording to begin with, as the deck was running at twice the normal "regular show" taping speed. This translates into lower levels of analog tape hiss, as well as having more high frequency recording
capabilities. This show, for being set up in a hurry, was very well mixed. Jerry and Bobby each had their own channel for their guitars, and listening to how well Weir blended into the entire mix is very well "documented" with this recording. About the only negative I can say about this show's audio quality was that being in the small club, and most likely with the time frame the audio people had to set up, the drums are just a little buried in the mix, especially the cymbals. But, you still are going to get blown away by the audio quality of the show.

DeadBase states a few things about this show that are inaccurate, such as "actual date and location unknown". This is not true, according to my source. This show did happen on this date at this venue.

-Anonymous (03/12/2009)

actually if Bear did say that then he meant exactly what he said; "there were no early shows at this run". where as on 5/15/70 for example there is an early and late show. i never heard him say it myself so who knows. Ive found that peoples memories (especially people related in any way to the dead) are not fully reliable seeing as many of the experiences are remembered through a haze of LSD and who knows what else. also, there is a difference between a "1st set" and an "early show". some shows in 1970 had the dead playing first then NRPS would come out, then the dead would close, but other shows consisted of an early and late show each with a first and second set. as for this show being at Ungano's i have no idea, from listening to the end of casey jones when the crowd is cheering it really sounds like the fillmore. it sounds nothing like a small night club but i was wondering if a recording could somehow make a small club sound bigger than it really is? i doubt it but who knows. by the sound of the crowd im gonna have to say this was the fillmore.
-chris (03/12/2009)

from the looks of charlie millers new remaster of this board this is definitely the early show from 2/13/70. no question about it. Who knows maybe they did play a small show at Unganos sometime during that run but this aint the setlist.
-chris (03/13/2009)

This is the 2/13/70 early show at the filmore east....Wolfgangs Vault has the show on their website, From Bill Grahams recordings! I'm pretty sure they got the date right and your "source" is wrong, nice try though.
-kevin (07/16/2010)

The set list shown at this time is 2/13/70 as many have stated. There was a show for this date/venue but no know recording exists.
-Rick (11/14/2012)

it's not a secret this is the early 2/13 show... its intentionally mislabeled because it was released as a dick's pick and archive takes shows down once they've been released. lets keep making noise about it so they take it down... good grief
- (02/13/2013)

Interesting piece about whether this show took place or not:

-Ben (02/12/2020)

Well gee Dave A, you complain about people makin noise hen you go ahead and reveal trade secrets. If someone was monitoring these pages for "noise" they may have missed it, you put it on a billboard with 8,000 lumens!
- (09/04/2023)

Davis Lemieux is playing this right now on TIGDH. He introduced it as 2/13/70 from The Fillmore East. He's playing the 3 shows from that week in honor of Valentine's Day. I have no reason to believe he's misinformed or is misinforming us.
- (02/13/2024)

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