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Lanai Theater - Crockett, CA

Set 1:
Casey Jones
Me And My Uncle
Easy Wind
Cumberland Blues
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
High Time
Next Time You See Me
Mama Tried
Big Boss Man
Cosmic Charlie
Dire Wolf
Cold Rain And Snow
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
Turn On Your Love Light

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"Easy Wind" is so mellow. "Lovelight" exceeds the 40 minute mark and never let's you down the whole time. "Grate" show.
-Dave (03/30/2009)

This was a decent show for '69. Not the best recording - was a bit muffled. Overall pretty good, though. 43 minute Lovelight to close it out. China Cat right out of Cumberland was also a highlight.
-Bostnfn (10/31/2009)

Love this version of Easy Wind, might be the best version ever. It just never seems to quit.
-Roger (11/15/2016)

AWESOME SHOW & lots of fun with great band interactions, laughs, & incredibly tight playing, including what ‘some might say’ is the BEST and LONGEST LOVELIGHT of “ALL TIME”. The show starts out like most ’69 shows (i.e. “great”). The Easy Wind (like most/all Easy Winds is a winner). Where I started really paying attention was when the band warns the crowd that they’re getting ready to “play a song they don’t know so well”. Could of fooled me, but this ends up being a lovely Cumberland Blues & it’s a great version, & even better when they segue right into China Cat Sunflower. There's a beautiful High Time (Jerry sounds fantastic) & an equally delicious Cold Rain & Snow.

So everything so far has been GREAT, but it’s the back half of the show features a real highlight of 1969 (imho). The band kicks into Good Lovin, but only for bit, as less than 2 minutes later the drummers take over before for 2 minutes of groove before landing back into Good Lovin'. Just when you think it’s over, they drop right into LOVELIGHT. THE Lovelight. The Lovelight like no other.

Let the haters hate, but I'll tell you folks, I've never been a huge fan of this song. Not saying I don't enjoy Pig's version from time to time (e.g. 2/11/70 with Duane, 2/13/70, & my previous all-time favorite 9/19/70), but Lovelight has never been at the top of my wish list.

This LOVELIGHT from the Lanai Theater however is one of those high-water marks, such a gem that I suggest you listen to it right now!

Why? Sure this version is over 42 minutes long, & yes, it's got all the jammy goodness we all expect a ’69 Lovelight to deliver. The first 20 are incredible with multiple distinct segments of Pig singing Lovelight segueing into blazing guitar-work segueing Pig’s rapping. Hold on, because this is when Pigpen coaches Bobby on how to deliver the Lovelight Rap!

At around the 20 minute mark the music stops & it’s just Pigpen rapping along with the clapping crowd. Then he yells out: “BOBBY!!! That’s YOU, What You Got to Say about all this Business?” Bobby seems a little caught off guard & he awkwardly makes his first attempt, something about “All God’s Children got their little Lovelight”. Pigpen rolls his eyes (I imagined that part), but then encourages Bobby to say something else. Bobby replies slowly with “I just want you to Turn on your Lovelight and let it Shine on Me”. This seems to work, & then he’s singing it like a pro. And just like that, Bobby learns a new trick, one that he’ll use many years later when he resurrects Lovelight at Melk Weg ’81.

But this song is just getting started 25 minutes in! Pigpen calls out that the electricity has gone out the guitar amps, but he just keeps on singing along with the drummers keeping the beat. Bobby just learned how to swim so he happing joins in, “Now I got something to teach ya! This little singin' line goes like this...SHINE, SHINE ON ME". He keeps repeating it & encourages the crowd to join in. Jerry starts singing as well, putting his spin on the Lovelight rap. Bobby mimics a falsetto "chicks sing like this", Jerry..."let's get it together", then everybody is whoppin' & hollerin' along with the drums & crowd clapping. They’re having a blast & then Pig busts out the harp & starts wailing along with the drummers. Then Jerry's beautiful guitar comes back on leading to Pig's Harp + Jerry Noodles + Drumz = HAPPY EARS.

Pig & Jerry are playing off of each other like fiends. Wait a second, I LOVE THIS SONG! 10 odd minutes of jam later, Phil & Bobby get plugged in & they build up to a all-out groove, it smells for a second like a Caution Jam is on the way, but then it settles back down to the Lovelight theme with Pig picking up the rap, singing back & forth with Mr. Weir before they build the song back up in all its glory & a wonderful finale to a song that I can honestly admit to being in love with. ENJOY !!!

- (05/11/2023)

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Band Configuration
(11/23/68 - 01/24/70)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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