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Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Good Morning Little School Girl
Casey Jones
Dire Wolf
Easy Wind
I'm A King Bee
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
High Time
Mama Tried
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'
Cumberland Blues
Dark Star
The Other One
Dark Star
Uncle John's Band Jam
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
And We Bid You Goodnight

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Dick's Picks 16

Supposedly this was Latvala's favorite show......

Great show. Dick's Picks 16, with Lovelight from another night

Note: Set one ends with Cumberland Blues
It was one of Latvala's favorite shows, and just one listen probably won't show you why. A casual listen probably won't show it either. I had the advantage of tripping as hard as I had ever been, really in a mood for a good show and I popped this one in (complete on dicks picks 16). The Dark Star is amazing and frightening at times. If you look down the set list, you see Uncle John's Band Jam is coming up, but if you listen to some of Phil's bass lines during the Dark Star, you can hear this theme. You can also hear Jerry hint at the upcoming Other One (which is just the first verse but good nonetheless). The Uncle John's Band Jam is an amazing rarity. Just about two minutes, but it absolutely jams, you just have to hear it. I call the highlight, though, the St. Stephen, specifically the jam at the end of it. I've listened to many others from many years and you'll never hear the band rock harder than the jam before the last verse. Absolutely amazing. A wonderful show, and certainly a favorite of mine.

What a show. just have listen to the Dick's Picks release for a couple of days and still have the problem to get loose from it. To call them the greatest rock n' roll band really won't hit it. For example the almost free, but still composed Feedback, straight from the corner of Stockhausen, John Cage and Pierre Henry. What got r n' r to do with? It could have been a performance of some of the far out jazz players too.
I am still wondering about the diversity of 1969's shows. After a fine first set set they opened with Dark Star and soon moved somewhere else, activating their link to infinity in their own way, find themselfes in a fine aligned state and everybody left his very best into the room. Other one got envolved, Uncle John lines got touched and in between quotations of Dark Star leading into Stephen and Eleven. The Band prefered the focus on jamming and left a lot of space for pig pen, who was really marvelous that nite. Caution, interupted by The Main Ten...
There was not that definitve performance of one song, they where on the top of the wave all the time.
Having Dixon, Haggard, and all this funky soul stuff beside their Workingmans Dead compositions, their space stuff and musique concrete in their menue, really leaves no space to call it Rock n' Roll. Too inovative, often too jazzy, real gone and acid soaking. I'm grateful to have this board tape in such a good a/d solution at hand. Just in case you haven't done jet, buy it!

God bless Pigpen, an awesome show from beginning to end. Easy Wind is amazing as well as the Dark Star. One of my favorite if not my favorite Caution of all time. Great stuff from the early days. You can't lose her brother. Dick's Picks 16 will set you straight every time.

a very, VERY purple dark star

Direwolf-13th/224 times played

Easy Wind-6th/35 times played

Rider 8th time this combo was played.

Good Lovin-11th/461 times played
Cumberland-First time. Not as bassy at the start, but Phil overcompensates with his vocals, those gosh darn monitors


Forgive me for commenting on other comments, but I'm delighted to see Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Henry referenced in a setlist review, and I love the synaesthetic description of Dark Star.

As to the show, I love the loping rhythms in Dire Wolf and Easy Wind, the Cumberland Blues sounds exactly like the first performance of a new song, and while the Dark Star has its moments, the transition to The Other One seems a bit like an act of desperation. For me, the highlight of the show is The Eleven, which has a particularly lovely Jerry/Phil duet.

anyone know what the date is of the bonus track (Turn on Your Lovelight) on dicks picks 16. its the very last track on disc 3
-cb18201 (04/15/2009)

The Lovelight on DP 16 is from the night before, 11/07/1969.
-Ed (08/12/2009)

either they flub a lot of lyrics on cumberland, or the first version's lyrics are a little different
-jfolks (02/20/2010)

Please excuse me if I sound too nit picky,local and historical. If the date of this show is 11/8/69, wouldn't it be at the Fillmore West(previously known as The Carousel Ballroom) at Market & Van Ness, not the Fillmore Auditorium at Geary & Fillmore?
- (02/26/2012)

Kayo...Bill Graham moved to the Fillmore West with his retinue, but the Dead played many places. They came back to the Fillmore Auditorium for five shows at the end of 1969 for a different promoter.
- (02/03/2013)

Popped this in the car deck last night and WOW !. Really the, teetering on the brink,barely holding together but, tight as fuck ! The music supports the amazing set list. The rapid-fire burst, instrumental UJB is a shock and things then......get better with Steven/ 11 just a shmoking ! DKK
- (06/18/2016)

SiriusXM supposedly played The Other One> Cosmic Charlie from this show. But the set lost here has no Cosmic. Any ideas what’s up?
- (01/29/2019)

50 years ago today
-Anonymous (11/08/2019)

Dick's Picks 16

Disc 1

Good Morning Little School Girl 13:33
Casey Jones 4:52
Dire Wolf 8:24
Easy Wind 9:02
China Cat Sunflower 3:46
I Know You Rider 5:40
High Time 7:48
Mama Tried 3:11
Good Lovin' 9:18
Cumberland Blues 4:19

Disc 2

Dark Star 14:10
The Other One 12:02
Dark Star 1:01
Uncle John's Band Jam 2:34
Dark Star 3:05
St. Stephen 7:45
The Eleven 14:02

Disc 3

Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) 17:29
The Main Ten 3:10
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) 9:02
Feedback 7:58
We Bid You Goodnight 3:21

-Bookkeeper (04/07/2020)

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Band Configuration
(11/23/68 - 01/24/70)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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