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Max Yasgur's Farm - Bethel, NY

Set 1:
St. Stephen
Mama Tried
Dark Star
High Time
Turn On Your Love Light

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Yo, this is the dead's infamous, horrible, Woodstock set. So much rain, jerry was gettin' electrocuted. They had to stop playing every once and a while. Anyway, the songs are tight, in the middle of lovelight, somethin' weird goes on. See ya!

i read in a bio about jerry that he had way too many hits of chezch acid and couldnt play for shit, peace

i think jerry could have been on lots on acid and still play stellar

I dont know, i read that jerry sobered up more or less(probably less) before he played.

it wasnt the drugs man it was the rain. messed up everything ,i was there and i thought they sounded great until the rain came and washed it all away down down down

-big al (06/06/2007)

I was peaking during their set. They were fine. I wasn't being critical.

- (04/23/2011)

I've only heard the "Dark Star" and I thought it sounded good :)
- (05/16/2011)

The Woodstock Setlist is fuckin awesome! The mama tried and love light are fuckin incredible!
- (10/02/2011)

The Mama Tried was fucking awesome! Tom Constanten's organ sounded like a flute being played by god!
-Anonymous (11/22/2011)

Their set is fine. Yes, the St. Stephen went nowhere and it's a bummer they had to escape it. But every other song is beautiful. Especially the Dark Star.

But for the people who were there: This was a crowd of half a million people, sitting on a hill, in the dark, in shitty weather, taking some bad acid, with a band taking a very long time to get things going. With an experience like that, of course they're gonna look back and say it's terrible.
-Will (04/25/2014)

Nah, i'm pretty sure this show was shot. The fact that they were playing tight didn't matter to the boys, they wanted a smoothly flowing and continuous set. The rain, tach problems and all the bad L going around took that away. So yes the show was definitely tight, i can't argue that, but it wasn't up to par with other early work of this era. Not to mention the fact that the sound system at Woodstock had immense problems and the stage was built like a giant land sail (idiots) that would start to take off during big gusts of wind. The Dead were having a bad day on this one, which just goes to show you how amazing they were that so many people can consider this a great show when they were having such a sh*tty one. Their music is more transcendent then any other, before or after, that much is indisputable.
-Murphy (05/18/2014)

That was a good set .Somebody made a mistake not putting their recording on the album .They should release it digitaly remastered .Theyed sell a 1000000000.
- (03/01/2016)

It was not raining when the GD were playing at Woodstock! I was there right up front.

- (09/16/2018)

.....if the band only know that exactly 19,000 days after from being on Max's Farm on 8/16/1969 that they would return to play as Dead & Company at the Bethel NY Center for the Arts on 8/23/2021 ....
LIKE ....
They had one of those flashes they've been there before ...because once in a while, you get shown the light In the strangest of places if you look at it right ...
iko iko, see you next Monday night ...
- (08/16/2021)

Dead & Co just reprised this set list. Amazing
-Luke (08/23/2021)

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(11/23/68 - 01/24/70)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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