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Playboy After Dark - New York City, NY

Set 1:
St. Stephen
Mountains Of The Moon
Turn On Your Love Light

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Just watched the Video of this....TOO COOL!!!


I saw the video of mountains of the moon a while back, not sure where I found it, I think it was something like napster or something of the like. Anyway, it's great to have this footage. Before any songs, Jerry has a brief interview with Hef, wherein he talks about the fall of hippiedom. He jokes that they had a funeral for the hippy scene in 68 so that they could now operate secretly. Tough to get away with anything when jerry is in classic '69 hippy style with a great poncho to top it off (also great considering everyone else, sans the band, is dressed in tuxedoes and otherwise proper attire). A great part is when Hef asks Jerry if he'd like to play a song for the folks, as if it wasn't planned (you see, the idea for the show was that this was a simple party and he had various guests, and of course jerry quickly obliges). What followed was only Jerry, Bobby and TC on a version of MOTM that is very similiar to the album version, to be released later that year. Again though, great stuff.

sounds to me like it was mountains of the moon > st. stephen >> then it cuts off but it sure sounded like they were going to go all the way to The Eleven.

does anybody know for sure/ can you buy a DVD of this show from somewhere?

Anyone who hasen't seen this clip needs to go to YouTube and check it out. A heavily dosed Garcia gives a tuxeoded Hef a pyschedelic rant that has to be seen to be believed....hilarious...then the boys paly a beautiful MOTM with TC on the harpsichord....then rock out Hef's swingers pad and his bunnies with a killer St. Stephen.....
-Anonymous (10/23/2007)

Read Rock's book Living with the Dead to get the whole acid laden story on this performace on Playboy After Dark! Check out footage on youtube or the DVD From Anthem to Beauty! You have to see the totally dosed looks on their faces while they play St. Stephen! Mickey is geeking!
-Andrew (09/02/2009)

this show was recorded on 1-18-69 the episode of playboy after dark that featured the GD aired on 7-10-69
-gr8ful89 (12/14/2011)

In the words of Dennis McNally, taken from his excellent Grateful Dead history, A Long Strange Trip:

…What no one at the show knew was that it was widely considered to be a poor idea to eat or drink anything around the Grateful Dead. There was a coffee urn, with cups lined up, and Hagen and Riester went by with eyedroppers, also making sure to acknowledge Hefner’s personal mug of Pepsi. The routine delays of any show combined on this one with the built-in time lag incurred by having Bear as soundman. Then the coffee kicked in. Gradually, it became obvious that there was a new glow in the air. Things began to get odder and odder. Technicians began to stare up into the lights. The male extras began to loosen their ties, and the women started to loosen their tops, their makeup melting along with their inhibitions. The Dead played “Mountains of the Moon” splendidly, and as Phil and Kreutzmann left, Heftner stopped them and said, eyes bright, “I want to thank you for your special gift.”

-Mark (08/28/2012)

Man, watching this video is the biggest juxtaposition I've seen related to the Dead. Dig that spaced-out bunny towards the end of the St. Stephen jam :)

Mountains of the Moon is one of the most gorgeous songs ever written, IMHO...
- (01/04/2014)

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Band Configuration
(11/23/68 - 01/24/70)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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