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Veterans Auditorium - Santa Rosa, CA

Set 1:
Mama Tried
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Me And My Uncle
Casey Jones
Dire Wolf
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Green Green Grass Of Home
It's All Over Now Baby Blue

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On a tape believed to be from this show, it sounds as if Bobby sang Dire Wolf. Maybe it is just me.

He did.

Slewfoot-3/8th time played
Mama Tried-3rd/291 times played

High Time-not included in setlist

Casey Jones-4th/295th time played. Very long intro and chord structure still developing. More jamming.

Direwolf-5/224th time. Bobby sings very fast.

Sittin' On Top of the World and Big Boss Man in show, not included in setlist.
The Eleven-very slow version, goes to crawl befor going into Green Grass
Baby Blue-slowest version ever, lots of time inbetween verses. Pig's organ is prominent.

Great show, lil bit of all the Dead styles at the time. blue grass and trippy.

Jerry couldnt sing and play pedal steel at the same time so when they first started playing dire wolf bobby sang, then once the new riders started playin with the dead alot jerry got his pedal steel "fix" playing with them instead. after that he pretty much stopped playing steel with the dead until 1972 when he played it a few times on looks like rain. he put it down again until the dead/dylan tours of 1987. deads set an started singing it himself.
-chris (01/25/2009)

the last sentence of my last post makes no sense at all. typo, dont read it. LOL
-chris (01/25/2009)

High Time before Dupree's. On sirius 7/30.
-Anonymous (07/30/2010)

Outstanding 'Big Boss Man'. An early Dead treat. Also interesting, slower tempo to Me And My Uncle.
- (07/30/2010)

Grateful Dead
Veterans Auditorium Santa Rosa, CA
6/27/69 - Friday
One - 1:20:44
Intro [0:05] ;
Slewfoot [3:04];[0:17] ;
Mama Tried [2:41] >
High Time [5:55]%[0:07] ;
Dupree's Diamond Blues [3:57];[0:24] ;
Me And My Uncle [3:20];[0:04] %
Jam [1:28] >
Casey Jones [4:36];[3:24] ;
Dire Wolf [2:24];[0:50] ;
Sittin On Top Of The World [3:23] >
Big Boss Man [5:42];[0:11] %
Dark Star [25:53] >
Saint Stephen [6:52] >
The Eleven [2:37] >
Green Green Grass Of Home [5:30];[1:42]
Encore - 9:30
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [8:#58#]

Peter Grant on banjo on Slewfoot, Jerry on Pedal Steel on Slewfoot, Dire Wolf and Green Grass

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
- (10/07/2016)

... thank you Sirius for sharing the 6/27/1969 Santa Rosa, CA show with us today for the 12:00 Noon Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day
- (01/14/2021)

Who was the woman who did the introduction?
I want to say it was Bonnie Raitt, but I'm not sure.
- (01/14/2021)

Amazing performance. Pretty incredible that a recording from 52 years ago can sound so pure , like they are singing directly into your ears. The vocals on Green green grass of home are as good as Bob gets. !!!
- (01/14/2021)

Great to hear the rare ones, slewfoot and green grass is always good:}. Interesting tempos, loved the crawling version of baby blue to end this classic gem, 69 is so fine.
- (01/16/2021)

I saw them this weekend,but i think it was the other show they played this weekend at the vets. i can find no recorded versions of that show. I was very high.
- (03/01/2021)

The Peter Grant on banjo is not the Led Zeppelin guy, just so you all know.
-Zimmie (10/25/2021)

What a truly weird show. From a jingle bell rainbow to the country hills in a whiplash.
-Will (04/27/2022)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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