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Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
New Potato Caboose
Doin' That Rag
Cosmic Charlie

Set 2:
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Mountains Of The Moon
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Turn On Your Love Light

Hey Jude

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Good show, 25 min Dark Star!

what else can be said for this show...especially the dark star

sick st stephen-->eleven combo...
listen to the eleven and you will see the light...

Great show, especially 'Cryptical Envelopment' and 'Dark Star.' Nice acoustic " Mountains Of The Moon" also. My copy of the second set has some volume fading at the beginnings and ends of some songs, almost like there are songs edited out or inserted from other shows.

Cryptical Envelopment>
New Potato Caboose
One of the best transitions ever it is simply amazing.

This show kicks some series ass, it was one of my first boots and haven't stopped collecting since. If you get achance I would grab a copy.

Dated 07/24/05~The Archive does not have this show available and the only reason I knew about it is because it made a "Top 100 Shows" list. I found a copy floating around This has excellent sound, stellar playing, a perfect example of this time of life of the Grateful Dead.

this is my favorite cryptical>other one ever. The dark star>eleven transition is absolutely ripping as well.
the dupree's mezmorized me.
show is spoiled by lame encore, but otherwise this is a must have show for anyone getting into the dead.


Great show. My copy is not bad quality, I believe this is a soundboard that Owsley (Bear), Scully & Ram Rod used to run for the band to listen to. Bear also said that he liked to listen to his mixes (they are generally excellent! To get a good mix with 2 drummers ain't easy. unfortunately my copy seems to have some wow & flutter. If there are any engineers reading this could you tell me: is it possible to correct my digital copy? I run a min-mac OSX with an Intel 1.66Ghz dual core processor. Thanks! Keep on trading & trucking!
- (09/30/2007)

how can i get my ears on this?
- (10/20/2007)

This show is so kind that it's downright silly. I don't know why archive doesn't have it, but I DO!! Willing to trade or "loan" to grateful listeners. GRATEFUL to own this SBD?? My copy is excellent. Email me.

BTW- deadbase lists this as the BEST show for 69 and the 7th best show of all time. How's that??!? The other one is amazing and primal and the Dark Star is for the ages... peace.

- (03/05/2008)

An unbelievable show: the Duprees-Mountains-Dark Star-St.Stephen-Eleven sequence is incredible...and, check out that Cosmic Charlie!!! Does anyone else think shades of "Revolution" in the opening chords? Completely over the top.
-Grateful Fred (09/19/2008)

a FLAWLESS show!
-Anonymous (12/13/2009)

archive doesn't have this show because the complete Fillmore West run 2/27-3/1/69 has officially been released.
-Anonymous (03/01/2011)

I bought a bootleg CD of this one in Rome in the Summer of 1997, but the songs were out of order, and Lovelight and The Encore were cut. I recently re-located it online and am listening right now. These are definitive version of Dark Star, St. Stephen->Eleven. Listen while you can or get the boxed set!
-HappyAgain (05/17/2011)

I love the second set of this show. I always listen to it at night. Magical things happen all the time. I agree, Hey Jude kinda sucks but I'm too happy from listening to the rest of the show to complain.
-newpot (06/08/2011)

I'm with most people on this as its a timeless show in a pivotal period. But encore, lame ? Hmm how anyone fails to appreciate a rare beatles cover by the best live band of all time beats me, and cmon a chance to hear pigpen again after a rippin lovelight? I'll take it, even with a few out of tune chords ; D
- (12/21/2012)

This was the band in it's early days, no '77 "Perfection", no 80's binge jams, just pure, unadulterated psychedelic exploration. So what if it They fucked up Jude, this is a monster of a show and this run gave the boys a chance to really showcase their Extended jam repertoire at the time. this was the third in a four day run at the Fillmore and they had an encore only two of the four nights. So, they were just testin the waters. You can tell by the time between this show and Hey Jude's reemergence that they didn't think they could do it justice, but it's all about experimentation, and you will never know til you try. So you Might As Well Might As Well...
-Murphy (01/07/2014)

DSO just "covered" this show, minus a couple tweeks from a Bobby cameo. Hot Damn. Good God. I've always dreamed of taking a time machine back to the hey day. Tonight I did. Thank you. Thank you very much. DSO has left the building (a pile of happy rubble). And I bid you good night.
- (04/12/2014)

My dad was in Nam, my mom was raising 4 boys and I was celebrating my 3rd birthday. Great show !!
-Dick Hertz (02/12/2016)

Hey Jude,,,Indeed RIP Ron
- (11/03/2017)

Fillmore West 1969 Complete Recordings:

Disc 6

That's It For The Other One 21:22
New Potato Caboose 11:43
Doin' That Rag 5:58
Cosmic Charlie 5:51

Disc 7

Dupree's Diamond Blues 4:48
Mountains of the Moon 5:04
Dark Star 23:01
St. Stephen 8:06
The Eleven 5:47
Turn On Your Love Light 23:59
Hey Jude 7:44

-Bookkeeper (05/19/2019)

Happy birthday!!!
-Anonymous (03/01/2020)

Yeah, sex is cool. But have you tried 3/1/69?
-Dubs (10/04/2020)

... thank you Sirius for sharing the 3/1/1969 San Francisco, CA show with us today for the 9:00 PM Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day
- (01/28/2021)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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