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The Music Box - Omaha, NE

Set 1:
Good Morning Little School Girl
Morning Dew
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Death Don't Have No Mercy

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This show really impressed me, even more because I didn't really expect too much from a Nebraska show. It's funny because someone (seemingly from the band, I can't tell) says something like "This is the lamest trip we've ever been taken on in our entire career. I think it's just worth mentioning that" at the end of the first track, Good Morning Lil' School Girl. Then they play an outstanding version of Morning Dew, like saying "We're so much better than this venue". After Dew, they have trouble getting water from anyone, then play a sweet Dark Star. They converse a lot during the first songs. The rest of the first set follows suit. St. Stephen, The Eleven and Death Don't Have No Mercy, all great, especially Death. Set two begins with a very quick but accurate Cryptical Envelopment into an almost non-existant Drums into a killer The Other One. Nice transitions on Other One. A good version of Alligator and another Drums, much longer this time, follows. Then a twenty minute Caution(Do Not Stop On Tracks) is the extended closer. Very cool. There is a Feedback and a We Bid You Good Night which were the end of this show, but Good Night was missing so Caution is pretty much the end now. No big deal because Good Night isn't much anyway. A wonderful show, they seemed to have it all together that night. Too bad they thought my home state was lame, but they still played an awesome show there in spite of that. And I guess it couldn't have been too bad, they came back.

Thanks Lucas! Great review and congrats on a great time.
-Bossgobbler (02/27/2009)

I enjoyed reading Lucas' review as well. What a privilege this must have been.
- (04/13/2009)

I wish I had been able to see this show live! Actually it was played 10 years before I was born though.
- (12/01/2009)

Thanks Lucas - nice review and accurate. A really good show.

I would just say in my opinion, and I am butt hurt over the "lamest trip I have ever been on comment" which I am pretty sure that is Garcia saying that - being from Nebraska, living half hour from where the venue use to be .. In the back of my mind I think Garcia maybe joking .. but before that .. Pig says something to the effect "this is a dance, and you can dance if you want like some of the people have been in the back" and then gives some encouragement like "alright alright this is great" which really warmed my heart as he is a "stonejackballer" and i know his heart is true ...

the show is fantastic i just need to learn not to take it so hard ..

again thanks Lucas for the tip .

- (12/05/2019)

just listened again and that is Phil that says "this is a dance and really great to be here in Omaha" not Pig .... sorry ..
- (12/05/2019)

ok .. last comment .. after listening to it about 10 times .. .Garcia is joking .. Phil and the band are having some conversation with the audience about something .. they want someone to get up or something ... Jerry says far out then tell him to come on up .. some other things are said then he jokes about being the lamest trip we have ever been on .. pretty sure he was joking ..
black peter
- (12/05/2019)

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Band Configuration
(11/23/68 - 01/24/70)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Keyboard: Tom Constanten
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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