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Avalon Ballroom - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
New Potato Caboose
Thirteens Jam
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

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Hot, hot, hot!

The Dead's best earliest performance.
-Wahoo wahoo

Totally agree with the other comment, this show is on fire!
-Grand Chawhee

A really smokin stephen if I might say

Get this show- it's amazing. It tastes like superman ice cream with lysergic sprinkled on top.
-doug-man (05/25/2007)

Heavy Jerry. I think this was the time was Pigpen was kicked out of the band.
Dark Star-has nice buzz saw/jug band jam in the soft middle.

St. Stephen-poised and purrrfect

The Eleven-best song of show witout a doubt. Mean and muscular with Phil providing crystal clear lyrics towards the end.

Death Don't-Whispered last words of each verse. Various tones of Jerry's voice to give you goosebumps. I can't help but think of how Vietnam resonating with some of the audience with regard to the lyrics.

Cryptical-before it the tape cuts into it, you hear Jerry go "we are having some problems, so you can wander around all you want"

13 Jam-never heard, mainly string pulling for 2-3 minutes.

An HCL show no doubt Dougman
-Perrinswolf (06/01/2007)

A must hear show despite Pigpen being MIA. Apparently Pigpen's girlfriend had suffered a stroke causing him to miss the run at the Avalon. That and his position in the Grateful Dead, along with Bob Weir's was in question. Jerry and Phil talked of firing the both of them.

Pigpen is missed, however the guys make up for his absence with some fantastic playing. In fact these are some of the heaviest and headiest jams of the year. The interplay between the various members is nothing short of miraculous and Jerry is sublime.
-Anonymous Euronymous (02/09/2012)

The amazing opening Dark Star is the worst part of this stupendous show that just gets better and better as it goes, culminating in a second set that will blow you head off.
-Anonymous (04/08/2019)

...thank you Sirius for sharing the 10/12/1968 San Francisco, CA show with us today for the 9:00 PM Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day Ö

-Anonymous (12/23/2020)

Hey nutballs this is Mickey & the Hartbeats and Bobby and well as Pigpen was NOT in this show which has the same setlist as the next night is NOT a case of the GD repeating the same setlists twice, as the GD never did this. Only on this occasion and the bill and marquee said "Mickey & The Hartbeats"...
- (04/20/2021)

hey jack, if bobby ain't there, who's singing new potato caboose? bob's long-forgotten twin, rob?
- (10/11/2021)

Öis actually from this show. If you donít believe me, listen to it and then listen to the Death Donít from this show. You can hear that loud whistling person in the audience. When exactly it was played I donít know but I would place it at the start of the second set.

Oh and to those of you saying that Weir isnít hereÖhave you all suffered heatstroke or something?
-Morning Dew 1/14/67 (01/30/2022)

The above comment was supposed to say that M. Dew 1/14/67 is actually from this show.
-Rye (01/30/2022)

Death donít have no mercy ended the first set.
-Kdead (06/23/2023)

Can we refer to Jam #2 as Alligator?

I know Pig wasn't here this night (I hope they didn't tell him what he missed) but the jam before the feedback is just oozing Alligator vibes. I've seen other people refer to it as a Caution jam and less frequently as an Other One Jam but to me, they're gassing the Avalon. It has that sort of celebratory, jump-for-joy abandon that Alligator always had.
-Leggo My Ego (09/03/2023)

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Band Configuration
(09/29/67 - 11/22/68)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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