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King's Beach Bowl - Lake Tahoe, CA

Set 1:
Cold Rain And Snow
Good Morning Little School Girl
China Cat Sunflower
Born Cross-Eyed

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Must have been more to this list, as it was recently released as a Dick's Picks

I have this Dicks Picks. Its awesome. The quality of the recording is crap, but the songs are rad. The Eleven is bad ass.

Just a respectful dissent from Kass for other listeners maybe interested in this show-- the recording quality is not really crap, it is actually quite good given how old it is. Phil's bass is crystal clear throughout and Jerry's guitar is absolutely penetrating. Only the vocals are a little poorly recorded. Overall, an excellent recording soundwise, and an incredible show. The Eleven on disc two is amazing.
- (04/30/2012)

wow, what is the standard for a "bad" sound quality recording? The dick's Picks for this show is one of the best quality 60's show i've ever heard. Granted when compared with the winterland 69 tapes it is not quite up to par, but these shows were recorded long before DAT tapes and HD SBDs. So i prefer to look at is taking what you can get. Besides, this is one of the only official releases with a live Viola Lee Blues, so enjoy it. haha, R.I.P. Pigpen, your the man.
-Anonymous (07/19/2012)

DP22 sounds amazing. And not just because it's an old recording - they really did a great job on it.

It would be great to one day hear what we may be missing from this show; not sure where they got this setlist from, but the tracks selected for DP 22 are outstanding. China Cat Sunflower is pure acid carnival!
- (01/10/2013)

This is the best sounding recording of the Grateful Dead that I've heard so far.
-Anonymous (10/21/2015)

A "Donner Party",,,Indeed
- (01/24/2018)

I love this show and personally love the way this show sounds.The drums and cymbals sound great.
-The Blues Brother himself. (02/23/2019)

Dick's Picks 22

Disc 1

Viola Lee Blues 19:15
Hurts Me Too 4:13
Dark Star 6:49
China Cat Sunflower 4:38
The Eleven 10:33
Turn On Your Lovelight 12:40
Born Cross-Eyed 2:32
Spanish Jam 7:23

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

I'm really surprised that DP 22 is pretty much the only thing we know about this show other than the fact that it was called Trip and Ski and the supporting group was Morning Glory.

Why do and both show these seemingly inaccurate set lists? Same problem for 2/24/68 too.

That being said, this show is a rager. The vocals aren't the best (mic issues) but great versions of China Cat and Eleven.

-Amy Ryan (08/04/2020)

Possible full setlist:
1. Viola Lee Blues - DP 22
2. Hurts Me Too - DP 22
3. Cold Rain and Snow
4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
5. Dark Star - DP 22
6. China Cat Sunflower - DP 22
7. The Eleven - DP 22
8. Turn On Your Love Light - DP 22
9. Born Cross-Eyed - DP 22
10. Spanish Jam - DP 22
11. Alligator played as encore maybe?

Just a guess.
-Rosy Red (08/04/2020)

Ok. Now this has been driving me crazy for years. How is it that the setlist for this show and the next night is so vastly different from the Dick's Picks 22 track listing? I mean, I know it's hard sometimes to piece together what they played so far back but come on!

Perhaps "CR&S", "Schoolgirl" and "Alligator" were recorded but simply not chosen for release?
-Dubs (10/29/2021)

What do you guys think of this Spanish Jam?
-NamaGoAway (04/18/2022)

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Band Configuration
(09/29/67 - 11/22/68)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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