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Carousel Ballroom - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Good Morning Little School Girl
Dark Star
China Cat Sunflower
The Eleven
Turn On Your Love Light

Set 2:
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
New Potato Caboose
Born Cross-Eyed
Spanish Jam
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

Midnight Hour

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It's thought that the majority of the live music used on Anthem of the Sun is from this show though this is much overdubbed with parts from other shows.

The Dead at a peak; get a hold of this show...

This is a sweet show. I highly recommend it. But my copy starts Morning Dew, then whats listed.


My dick hurts...

A really cool show, the beginings of Dark Star and China Cat, my copy also starts off with Dew. Really cool School Girl. Killer second set.

Someone forgot to mention this show started with a gerat Morning Dew in it's first form (Fast!)
Killer show start to finish, second set is respectfully dedicated to Neal Cassady ( Jerry announces this at beginning of set 2).


A great show!! Get it immediately from

one of the best of the year. amazing energy. one of phil's personal faves, too.

Isn't this the show, Jerry was so flipped out on acid that he thought Phil wasn't hitting the down beats, then threw Phil down a flight of stairs after the show. Later he admints that it was an awesome show and used some of it on an album, most likel live dead.

l8rz imcndbl

Eleven-4th/90 times played

This is one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately the sound quality of the copy i have isn't the best. Anybody have a better copy?
- (06/17/2008)

the greatest show ever!!!
- (12/07/2008)

According to Phil's book, this was their first gig at the Carousel.
- (03/11/2009)

This complete show is now released as Road Trips Vol 2 No 3. The set list does vary though. Great sound!
-Steve (06/30/2009)

Sorry I meant Road Trips Vol 2 **NO 2** (No 3 is 1974 material)
-Steve (06/30/2009)

One of the best from the day glow trippy Anthem Of The Sun era. It's also a bit of a rarity that we actually have the whole show. A heavy Morning Dew with cool jams in That's It For The Other One->New Potato Caboose->Born Cross-Eyed->Spanish Jam and a monster Alligator->Caution->Feedback that's as good as it gets.
- (11/15/2011)

Mumblin at bitches and waggin his tail
-Anonymous (12/08/2011)

can someone tell me who handles harmonica duties in Good Morning Little Schoolgirl??
- (03/15/2013)

Pig is the harp player on GMLS
- (01/07/2014)

According to the Road Trips release this show opens with Morning Dew. Great early Dead show, I listen to this one frequently.
-Dopey Dan (06/07/2017)

A mind-blowing Alligator>Caution on top of a mighty The Other One>New Potato Caboose is going to alter your perceptions of 1960ís Grateful Dead shows.
-Anonymous (04/08/2019)

Road Trips Volume 2 Number 2

Disc 1

Morning Dew 6:30
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 12:35
Dark Star 6:10
China Cat Sunflower 4:25
The Eleven 5:15
Turn On Your Lovelight 9:02

Disc 2

That's It For The Other One 9:30
New Potato Caboose 8:48
Born Cross-Eyed 2:38
Spanish Jam 12:28
Alligator 14:30
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) 10:00
Feedback 6:10
In The Midnight Hour 10:35

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

"...and also we respectfully dedicate this set to the memory of Neal Cassady" - Jerry before Set II. All timer of a show, too many highlights to mention!
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (08/28/2019)

... thank you Sirius for sharing the 2/14/1968 San Francisco, CA show with us today for the 12:00 Noon Hour ...

iko iko on & on & on & on .......

- (12/09/2020)

Just put "That's It For the Other One." Stop splitting the songs up.
-Come on, Man (03/05/2022)

I'm Discuss. I'd like to discuss Phil's bass playing in the jam right before Garcia comes in. I've always felt there was something amazing about it. As if he's accentuating the mystery of what lays ahead when Jerry doth shred.

-Discuss (12/19/2023)

If anyone is wondering, David Nelson is the Ernie Bo Peep that Phil mentions at the beginning of set 2.
-Will (06/30/2024)

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Band Configuration
(09/29/67 - 11/22/68)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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