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Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Hi Heeled Sneakers
Pain In My Heart
Cold Rain And Snow
Beat It On Down The Line
Cream Puff War
The Same Thing
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Dancin' In The Streets

Set 2:
Smokestack Lightning
I'm A King Bee
Midnight Hour

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Wish my copy had Dancin' on it. Oh well, great '66 show regardless.

i don't have dancin' on my copy, but the show is fantastic. the jams are already happening, and the 18-minute Midnight Hour is mind-melting.

if somebody has the Dancin' version of this show (is there one existing?), pleeeeeeeeease please pretty please let me know! you'll be blessed.

The Actual setlist is

The Grateful Dead (partially broadcast on KSAN)
Fillmore Auditorium 11/19/66

1. Bill Graham Introduction (0:37)
2. Cold Rain And Snow (3:08)
3. Hi Heeled Sneakers (4:43)
4. Pain In My Heart (4:02)
5. Beat It On Down The Line (2:59)
6. Cream Puff War (7:40)
7. The Same Thing (11:23)
8. He Was A Friend Of Mine (4:36)
9. Dancin In The Street (7:37)
10. Smokestack Lightning (8:42)
11. King Bee (5:30)
12. In The Midnight Hour (18.20)

saaaweeeet CPW!
-Petaluma Deadhead (06/30/2007)

Dancin' In The Street from this date is streamable at Wolfgang's Vault|7413

it fades out at about the 6 min. mark, but hey, it's well worth turning up full blast!
- (08/23/2007)

Awesome show! Pig really commands the evening. 'The Same Thing,' one of the best versions out there!!! Smokestack> King Bee is so smooth!
-Dave (05/28/2009)

Henrikki If you Still need the complete show I have it
- (10/13/2016)

Having made their peace with the current in folk/rock grooves, our heroes tackle "the blues problem" by turning Jerry ("the Charles Atlas of the psychedelic scene"?) loose to varied effect. While tears apart "Cream Puff War"in an ecstatic reverie as if he's prepared to never play it again, his solo from "Dancing in the Streets" sounds like Yet Another Creature From the Black Lagoon On The Loose which must have discouraged our sweet-souled stylist so bad, he kicks the next 34 minutes to his star pass rusher, Pigpen, who must rely on a rudimentary call-and-response to finally call up the groovies from their hidden dwelling spaces. Big Fun Nonetheless...
-DireWolf (12/31/2019)

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Band Configuration
(12/04/65 - 09/24/67)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann

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