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Madison Square Garden - New York City, NY

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Cold Rain And Snow
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Queen Jane Approximately
Tennessee Jed

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Iko Iko
Looks Like Rain
He's Gone
Standing On The Moon
I Need A Miracle
Morning Dew

It's All Over Now
Baby Blue

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Some would argue that this was the Best DEW EVER!!!

it's OK...set 1 kinda sucks, but He's Gone is amazingly amazingly....amazing? Samson and SOTM are also nice, but why was this a dicks pick?

Arguably the best show of the '90's, the second set it just stunning...So much jamming between He's Gone and Morning Dew. SET 1 is solid too, the Stagger Lee and Queen Jane fit very nice together.

I think the first set is kinda weak, but the Iko Iko and everything from He's Gone onward is amazing.

Actually, folks, the best Dew ever is 9/9/91 MSG


I ain't kidding

Listen and be amazed

Apparently you guys havn't heard the Dew from MSG 9/18/87. Thats the "one".

IMO---out of this 6 night run, this was the weakest.

I think its a Dicks Pick because Hornsy is on it.

The Friday night show was probably the best of the run.

not the greatest Dew but good. a great miracle and the 1st set was great with a killer Deal. i was at that show

this is FAR AND AWAY the best morning dew ive ever heard, and ive heard alot. unfortunately alot of deadheads just cant accept that some of the bands best music came MUCH later than the 70's, but as a matter of fact it did. the vocals were generally weaker, but the music was generally tighter and the dead have always been about the music. they still jammed, but they did it with focus. as for songs like "dew" it just got more and more energetic in these later versions. far superior to 70's versions despite what the "traditionalists" will tell you. the band had been playing together for 25 years and it SHOWED in how tight the music was. the EASE with which they could play it. the SPEED with which they hit the notes. why was this a dicks picks? because of that dew and the ensuing "baby blue" encore. also, because hornsby is more prevalent here than he was on other nights that year and he trades licks with garcia all night. open your mind, and allow the later years to really sink in. the dead at their best.

SOTM-excellent version. Good call on the lousy lyrics but consumate playin' by the boys. As I type this on 2.21.07 and Phil and Bobby are still playing, it's painful to think of the possibilities...the what if's

He's Gone-Jerry's old voice puts a new soulful spin on this one.

Morning Dew-2nd post Brent version.
-Brian Merrilyn

This show is fantastic. No question of the reason it became one of dick's picks. Trust me you can't even question any of his choices all that much. I wouldn't usually get into argueing about 1st set songs, but I will now because the Tennessee Jed and Cassidy could very well be the best versions of these songs ever. That is saying a lot especially for Cassidy which would include all of the good Donna year versions.
- (02/19/2008)

When I was dancing in the hallway during Samson I knew it was a special show.The Boys were On.
-as (08/03/2008)

how the heck do you folks REMEMBER this stuff. So glad I got satallite radio! Lots of old memories are coming back!
- (02/20/2009)

need a soundboard of this show willing to trade with my stuff please contact me.
- (05/06/2009)

I really wish the final night of this run was the Dick's release and not this one. A good show in it's own right, but not on par with the 20th. This was probably a sentimental show to Latvala or something. Hope they do a MSG box set release, cause there are too many killer shows from MSG to release individually, and Road Trips does flow nicely, but you should never break up a set like that, weather it flows or not.
-Murphy (09/26/2012)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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