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Rich Stadium - Orchard Park, NY

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Mississippi Half-Step
Blow Away
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Loose Lucy
It's All Over Now
High Time
Let It Grow
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Sugar Magnolia
Scarlet Begonias
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
Ship Of Fools
Mind Left Body Jam
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
Wharf Rat
Around And Around
Sunshine Daydream

Brokedown Palace

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What a killer show....!

the best show ever played by anybody anywhere in the world. Best show in the history of man

So, I just listened to this show (crappy audience tape) after not hearing it for years, and...what can I say?
I think in the 8 years and nearly 100 shows I've seen, this ranks in the top 3 of all time...the energy level during the Sugar --> Scarlet 2nd set opener (and the DEAFENING ROAR of the crowd) was never matched. I think 50,000 folks got a real treat in seeing this show. Gives me shivers to this day.

Sugar Mag>Scarlet is exquisite

A truly defining moment -- what a wonderful show.

This should be the next "View From the Vault" DVD release....

never gonna see a show like this again.
my favorite of the 60 I saw.

I LOVED that show..Crosby Stills & Nash opened the show...What more couls you ask for!?!? The Dead were simply amazing...Excellent SOLD OUT show...

I agree with all the above comments. This show had that something special you look for. Of the 90+ I saw this one is in the top 5.

Mind Left Body Jam and killer post-drums. The jam before the Wheel. Beautiful! Phil is cranked up for Gimme Some Lovin. Wharf RAT!!!!

I still get shivers when I think of this show out of the 100+ this was in the top 3

my first dead show, how can i forget it, i was home on leave from the air force (oversees in england) and still have the shirt i bought!

My Dad went to this show, God rest his soul, and i have the tape and ticket stub. 24 bucks for Crosby,Stills, and Nash AND the Grateful Dead...i'm paying 30 just to see mule this saturday. B.S.
-Jonathan (10/23/2007)

This is a smoking show! Can anyone who was there confirm that Brent's keys did not actually light on fire during either set of this show? He is on a tear the whole show. I was never a huge Brent songs fan, but the Blow Away is awesome! All around great show, songs, singing and playing!
- (03/27/2008)

THis is NOT a mind left body jam. It's just a normal jam. It actually has more resemblance to The Other One than MLB Jam.
-Steve (06/03/2008)

"the best show ever played by anybody anywhere in the world. Best show in the history of man"

Not even the best show of 1990...nice try...oh, I saw every show there and Bufu sucks, nice Hyatt though.

-Anonymous (07/01/2008)

My favorite show. Perfect east coast summer night and the crowd was fired up. So many highlights but the Loose Lucy and the transition into Scarlet stand out in my memory. I remember a chain of balloons going all the way from the field to the top of the stadium during setbreak.
-keith (04/21/2009)

My favorite show ever! Not just musically but spiritually! There was such a great vibe at this show. Only show I've been to wear the crowd did the wave!

-Brian (03/02/2012)

Great show. Great first set. Last timeI saw Brent playin' in the band.

Little did I know...
- (03/22/2013)

The 1st time I heard this show was sitting in a parking lot on the way to the Palace from RFK. The guys in the car next to us were listening to it and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Asked them what show it was and a few minutes later they handed me the tape. Cool guys.
- (05/26/2013)

Hot summer day...CSN opener...24 song set list and they boys were on fire. Awesome to be able to hear a crisp version! Love the interwebs. Wonder if anyone knows the CSN set list?
- (07/13/2013)

Brents last high time. Chilling background vocals throughout. Brent tickles the ivories on tomorrow come trouble/pain. Eerie. Jerrry and brent mesh nicely, and phil is unusually strong on this usually plain/gentle tune. Wow. A gem.
-The Critic (04/04/2017)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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