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Fillmore East - New York City, NY

Set 1:
Not Fade Away
Cumberland Blues
Cold Rain And Snow
High Time
Me And My Uncle
Dark Star
Spanish Jam
Turn On Your Love Light

Uncle John's Band

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This Spanish jam features the Allman Brothers, Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood.

only Danny Kirwan from Fleetwood Mac plays, not Mick

only Gregg Allman plays

At the time Peter Green was in Fleetwood Mac.

The copy of this show I have also includes part of the early show, cutting in during The Other One...The early show: The Other One, Cryptical Envelopment, Dire Wolf, Casey Jones

Oh, forgot to mention...great show, get it!

A picture in "Deadhead's Taper Guide" shows Mick Fleetwood onstage but he isn't playing anything visible (maybe tambourine)

i'll trade anything for this show! please email me!

This site has a review (third one down - mdeloia)that lists those on stage.

Prime Dead plain and simple folks. From the crystal clear harmonies on High Time, to the poignant licks of Me&My Uncle, to then cross over into a Dark Star that enables you to transcent, cut through with a mean and juicy Spanish Jam to end with classic show closer Lovelight. Pigpen hands off the vocals to Greg who begins moaning out the words and then rest down comfortable in the drivers seat. Phil is not be forgotten with his bedrock chords. This show and 4/29/71 are what were givin to me as "starter dead" back in 96 when I got on the bus. Listening to the show ten years later (8.Dec.06) still sends chills up my spine. Thank you.

Spanish Jam-3rd/68 times played. Last played 3/14/68. Would not return till 3/24/73.
-Brian Merrilyn

this is the late show
- (12/24/2007)

They played an encore "uncle John's Band"- played acoustic. please correct!!!
- (01/07/2008)

i can't understand why noone has mentioned that this is the best lovelight ever..... it is.
- (11/15/2008)

According to Phil in his book "Searching for the Sound" this has Duane Allman joining in at Dark Star, then Greg. Mick Fleetwood was on stage drumming on amps and anything else he could find. Halfway through Lovelight Berry Oakley plugged into Phils amp and Phil stopped playing so he could listen.
- (02/09/2010)

A lot of people don't believe it but photographic evidence shows that Danny Kirwan also played guitar. A photo taken by Amelie Rotschild shows a blonde guitar player with his back turned. Many folks think that is Phil but compare his hair color to other photos taken in 1970 and it is too light. Also on stage, besides Duane and Gregg and Berry Oakley and Peter, Mick and Danny are Butch Trucks and Arthur Lee of Love.
- (08/04/2012)

Here's a link to the aforementioned photo... and the 30+ min. Lovelight...
(Please skip the painfully written prose... [hopefully written by someone not from the US])

Anyway, here's the line-up the best I can figure:
"front" row l-r: Mick Fleetwd (hands in air, tall/skinny), Peter Green, Pig, Bobby, Danny Kirwin, Gregg on B-3 with Duane next to him
"back" row l-r: Jerry, Bill K, Berry Oakley (bs), Tamborine player = Arthur Lee?? (he was black), Butch Trux (dms)

link to Amalie:

Personal note: I saw all 3 of these groups during this era (GD and Allmans @ F.E. and Fleetwd M @ Boston Tea Party) - but was sadly not at this show.

dd 12/5/12
- (12/05/2012)

Must say it was amusing reading all the speculation about who played. Rumors abounded back in the day and I heard so many that amongst my crew it became one of those mythical shows. dd did a great job describing the picture and 2bears the way it went down. All I'd add is that it was just Duane on the Dark Star, just Gregg on the Spanish Jam, and then of course the Lovelight Duane comes back out as well as all the other musicians mentioned. LOVE that Phil actually stopped playing to watch. He knew how special that night was!!
-gdjake (07/24/2013)

Spanish Jam-Don waste your time listening to any other version. Chills still going up y down the spine. Seamless seque to Lovelight. Much faster tempo w.Oakley leading over Billy.
-Perrinswolf (10/06/2016)

nice try dd but l think nore likely the guy you label Kirwin is Duane and the guy you label Duane if
Phil. is that Oakley w shakers behind drums? who knows- probly not even the people who were there.
-Anonymous (10/16/2016)

my bad- I just said "is that Oakley on shakers"- I meant McVie. for some reason my brain doesnt always work how it should - maybe that poster with the egg fryin in the pan was right.
-Anonymous (10/16/2016)

No. I know Duane when I see him and I know Danny when I see him.
-Anonymous (09/25/2017)

High Time,,,InDeed
- (02/11/2018)

To add to the discussion of who played when...this is from Mickey Hart, posted on his Instagram...

On this date in 1970... ⠀
"As the “Dark Star” jam built and boiled with the three guitar players on stage, the song gave way to a rare Miles Davis-inspired “Spanish Jam” with the ABB’s Gregg Allman sliding in onto the organ bench. Finally, as Pigpen busts into a raging “Turn On Your Lovelight,” Gregg gets in on the party to trade vocals with Pigpen on this show-stopper."
- (02/11/2019)

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Band Configuration
(01/25/70 - 02/18/71)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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